Backup Timeout


Jun 10, 2019
I've reviewed previous recommendations for the backup timeout issues many are experiencing however I have not found a working solution. We are running into seemingly random timeout issues on a semi-nightly basis.

I've increased the default timer in from 120 to 300 however it appears the timeouts are still occurring after 120s. I would have expected longer duration between the start and abort of the backup. This is consistent across all failures. It does not appear the timeout change is being honored.

We are backing up to PBS however this has been an issue for some time, even prior when backing up over NFS.

In searching various forums, this appears to be the recommended fix however the adjustment doesn't appear to be applied. I recall this was an issue with older versions of PVE. We are running 7.2.x and PBS 3.0.

Has anyone found a permanent fix for this timeout?

    ) {
            $timeout = 10*60; # 10 mins ?
        } else {
            $timeout = 300; # default

113: 2023-08-08 03:06:31 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 113 (qemu)
113: 2023-08-08 03:06:31 INFO: status = running
113: 2023-08-08 03:06:31 INFO: VM Name: VM1
113: 2023-08-08 03:06:31 INFO: include disk 'scsi0' 'local-lvm:vm-113-disk-0' 75G
113: 2023-08-08 03:06:31 INFO: backup mode: snapshot
113: 2023-08-08 03:06:31 INFO: ionice priority: 7
113: 2023-08-08 03:06:31 INFO: creating Proxmox Backup Server archive 'vm/113/2023-08-08T07:06:31Z'
113: 2023-08-08 03:06:32 INFO: issuing guest-agent 'fs-freeze' command
113: 2023-08-08 03:06:32 INFO: enabling encryption
113: 2023-08-08 03:08:37 INFO: issuing guest-agent 'fs-thaw' command
113: 2023-08-08 03:08:37 ERROR: VM 113 qmp command 'backup' failed - got timeout
113: 2023-08-08 03:08:37 INFO: aborting backup job
113: 2023-08-08 03:12:28 INFO: resuming VM again
113: 2023-08-08 03:12:28 ERROR: Backup of VM 113 failed - VM 113 qmp command 'backup' failed - got timeout


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