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Jul 17, 2017

I've installed Proxmox VE6 on a server with 2*3TB in RAID1.
The root file system (storage 'local', type 'directory') is 50GB. I've created another storage 'local-lvm' (lvm-thin) to store disk images and containers.

Now, I'm wondering how I'll handle the storage for backups (vz dumps). The 50GB of 'local' are not enough for the backups. Should I extend 'local' so that it's big enough, or should I create another storage dedicated to backups (and perhaps shrink the size of local, as 50GB are too much for the root FS)?

Note that I'll use this space as temporary storage, while the archive is beeing created and uploaded to another backup server.

What do you recommand?


what type of raid1 ?

in case it is not zfs i'd suggest starting over and use zfs.

how are the 3TB drives attached to the system?
It's a 'classic' RAID1 (mdraid). I did not use ZFS because... I don't know ZFS. I hear a lot of good things about it, bt didn't take the time to learn it.

The 3TB drives are SATA drives.
I'd suggest backing up your data / vm's and start over .

now the backup part may be a challenge. perhaps you have a spare drive you could add to set up for backup, or use a usb etc.

zfs just works and is easy to use. during the install choose zfs (RAID1)

also make sure you do not use a raid host adapter. or that the motherboard bios has the sata set to do raid etc.

later on you can add a zfs cache / log ssd to speed things up.
Hello, thanks for you answer, and sorry for not giving any update for a long time...

Well, I hear you that ZFS is the way to go, but the server runs just fine for now, and I don't have much time to start everything over...
The only issue is that I can only backup on the root filesystem, which is a bit too small for some VMs.

Is there an alternative to start over with ZFS (like resizing current storages to give more space to root fs, or resizing the data storage to add a new logical volume) ?

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do you have room on the chassis to add another disk? If so get one and use that . I'd just set up an ext4 file system and use in pve as a directory.


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