Backup Server API access


I'm trying to access the PBS api through a little script.

  • If I access them from the browser, I can see all of the data form all of the three api nodes
  • If I access them from the script, I have null responses from two of them (see next)
  • I'm using a user/password on the browser, apitoken in the script (apitoken added to the same user)
  • I gave Audit permissions, at root path, both at the user and at the apitoken.
  • The apitoken works as I can scrape one of the api nodes, I should see the others or get authorization errors, not null data.


import { useTranslation } from "next-i18next";

import Container from "components/services/widget/container";
import Block from "components/services/widget/block";
import useWidgetAPI from "utils/proxy/use-widget-api";

export default function Component({ service }) {
  const { t } = useTranslation();

  const { widget } = service;

  const { data: datastoreData, error: datastoreError } = useWidgetAPI(widget, "status/datastore-usage");
  const { data: tasksData, error: tasksError } = useWidgetAPI(widget, "nodes/localhost/tasks");
  const { data: hostData, error: hostError } = useWidgetAPI(widget, "nodes/localhost/status");

  if (datastoreError || tasksError || hostError) {
    const finalError = tasksError ?? datastoreError ?? hostError;
    return <Container service={service} error={finalError} />;

  if (!datastoreData || !tasksData || !hostData) {
    return (
      <Container service={service}>
        <Block label="proxmoxbackupserver.datastore_usage" />
        <Block label="proxmoxbackupserver.failed_tasks_24h" />
        <Block label="proxmoxbackupserver.cpu_usage" />
        <Block label="proxmoxbackupserver.memory_usage" />

  const datastoreUsage =[0].used /[0].total * 100;
  const cpuUsage = * 100;
  const memoryUsage = / * 100;
  const failedTasks = >= 100 ? "99+" :;

  return (
    <Container service={service}>
      <Block label="proxmoxbackupserver.datastore_usage" value={t("common.percent", { value: datastoreUsage })} />
      <Block label="proxmoxbackupserver.failed_tasks_24h" value={failedTasks} />
      <Block label="proxmoxbackupserver.cpu_usage" value={t("common.percent", { value: cpuUsage })} />
      <Block label="proxmoxbackupserver.memory_usage" value={t("common.percent", { value: memoryUsage })} />

I get the following results (from the Chrome DevTool on the page where the script is running):



    "data": {
        "cpu": 0.0036681950812839093,
        "cpuinfo": {
            "cpus": 12,
            "model": "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700T CPU @ 2.40GHz",
            "sockets": 1
        "info": {
            "fingerprint": "fingerprint"
        "kversion": "Linux 6.2.16-10-pve #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC PMX 6.2.16-10 (2023-08-18T11:42Z)",
        "loadavg": [
        "memory": {
            "free": 23020175360,
            "total": 25019404288,
            "used": 1999228928
        "root": {
            "avail": 222679269376,
            "total": 232441511936,
            "used": 9762242560
        "swap": {
            "free": 0,
            "total": 0,
            "used": 0
        "uptime": 109568,
        "wait": 0.0
I'm also trying using postman, but always get:

authentication failed - no authentication credentials provided.

When trying to access with code:

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: PVEAPIToken=user@pbs!token-id=token-secret' \
--data ''

What's wrong?
Hi, with PBSAPIToken now the error is:

authentication failed - invalid token name

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: PBSAPIToken=user@pbs!token-id=token-secret'
make sure to have the correct format for the token PBSAPIToken=user@realm!tokenname:tokensecret.

Edit: fix incorrect separator
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Ok, now it seems to work on all of the three targets, thank you very much.

Now to the first point: can't understand why the script gets null data from two of the targets, if targets and permisisons work. Is there some situation in which a null data can be fetched instead of the full data?
Well, I suspect (haven't looked at the code) this is probably due to missing permissions for that user/token on that API endpoint. Did you test this using curl as well, using the correct token?

I am using the same api/token used in postman (all three targets work) for all of the targets in the script, and in the script only one target (nodes/localhost/status) work fetching data, while the others seem to work (no auth problems received), just null data fetched.
Well, if the API response in Postman contains data for all 3 PBS hosts, using the same token as you use in the script, then I suspect there might be an issue with how your script parses the response.
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Furhter debugging showed that probably the user had conflicting permissions (Audit on / and DatastoreBackup on /datastore/Backups) and probably they somehow conflicted in the way the script calls the apis.

Using a new dedicated user with just Audit on / permissions made te script work.

Thank you very much for your support!
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