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Aug 1, 2023
Hi Guys ! :)

I'm discovering the tool a little more every day, and it's extraordinary, so through my first post I wanted to say: good job guys on your products at Proxmox (from the virtualization solution to the backup solution!).

I had a question about best practices for backup, is it better to add a second (external) PBS to your current PVE with encyption, create a new backup job, etc. or add a remote to your secondary (external) PBS that points to the first (local) PBS and then sync?

In terms of backup time, is it equivalent?
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I would prefer only backing up to the local PBS and then do a sync, so the offsite PBS will pull the new backups snapshots from the local PBS. That way you got half the backup time, as you only need to do the backup once. Or it could even save more time in case your internet connection is slow. Then you could do a very fast backup to the local PBS and then let the PBSs do a slow sync over the internet while not affecting your PVE.
Another benefit would be ransomware protection, in case you don't allow your PVE to backup/prune the offsize PBS. So that all PVE is allowed to do is a restore from the offsite PBS.
I like this idea too, but what's missing in the synchronization between two PBS is encryption on the remote.
For example, PVE backup without encryption on PBS1, and PBS2 sync with encryption backups from PBS1
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What's the problem with using encryption for both PBS servers?
Hi @Dunuin

no problem in the end, and that's the solution I chose: my Proxmox VE backs up (with encryption) to my first Proxmox BS, and then my second Proxmox BS synchronizes with the first. All this with incredible performance. Awesome !!


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