Backing up a UnprivilegedLXC?

Discussion in 'Proxmox VE: Installation and configuration' started by dragon2611, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Need some recommendations for backing up an Unprivileged LXC container that's on an Iscsi LVM and managed by HA manager to an target that's an NFS share.

    Snapshot fails because of permissions issues, Stop doesn't want to work either because vzdump won't auto stop a VM managed by HA.

    The common recommendation seems to be to set a TMP directory but that's not really an option either as the servers themselves only have small SSD's to hold proxmox on so they don't have enough local storage for that.

    I'm thinking I might have to write a script to call the stop command against the VM run the vzdump then call the start command again (I don't mind it going down overnight for a backup, the HA is just incase a node dies during the day)
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    What kind of permission issues? Can you be a bit more specific?

    You can do '--mode suspend' in vzdump instead of '--mode stop' and it should work.
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