Automating erase disk


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Jun 1, 2023
I do alot of testing of installs/re-installs that often use lots of vm's.
One of my optimizations in esxi was to just to recreate a empty disk.

gwest@Mac-Pro pocp % cat
ssh "cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/$1;rm $1.vmdk;rm $1.vmsd;rm $1-flat.vmdk;vmkfstools --createvirtualdisk 160G --diskformat thin $1.vmdk"
gwest@Mac-Pro pocp %

This gets a bit more fun. As the drive could be either a qcow2 or a lvm drive.
Anyone scripted this? Goal is to just make sure the drive looks empty, and can be done in seconds.
Seems like I need to parse the .conf file, find out if qcow or lvm, and then go from there.

I dont see any qm commands that let me touch drives.
Ok, qcow is trivial:
ssh "qm list | grep $1 | awk '{print \$1}'"

export vmid=$(./ $1)
echo $vmid
export drivepath="/impulse1/images/$vmid/vm-$vmid-disk-0.qcow2"
echo $drivepath
ssh "rm $drivepath"
ssh "qemu-img create -f qcow2 $drivepath $2"

Next step is to and figure out how to choose between automatically.
Getting closer:

Deleting a lvm was trivial
lvremove /dev/pve/vm-700-disk-0 -

But syntax/options for thin disk is avoiding me:
lvcreate -c 512K -L 200G --thinpool vm-700-disk-0 pve
Fixed it:
This will create a lvm after deleting old one.
Now only need to check if lvm or qcow2

export vmid=$(./ $1)
echo $vmid
export lvmname="vm-$vmid-disk-0"
export drivepath="/dev/pve/$lvmname"
echo $drivepath
ssh "lvremove $drivepath -y"
ssh "lvcreate -n $lvmname -V $2 pve/data"


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