Authentication stability problems

Tom Moyer

New Member
Jun 1, 2019
I have recently installed Proxmox VE 5.4 on two different systems and on the first one, I am seeing a lot of strange stability issues regarding authentication. For example, I will be randomly logged out of the web interface and then the root login (using the PAM realm) won't authenticate. I just get a "Login failed" error. However, I can still SSH into the node with the same password. Sometimes just refreshing the web UI will enable me to authenticate again and sometimes only rebooting the node will bring the web UI back online. I've also setup an AD authentication realm and sometimes, when I get forcibly logged out, this realm disappears from the list of available authentication realms.

First question, how would I even begin to debug this?
Second question, if I am planning to deploy this to a "production-like" environment, what things can I do to ensure stability?

Once I have the "production-like" hardware on hand, I plan to purchase a license, but for this test environment, I don't currently have a support license.

To be honest - was using Proxmox for the past couple of years and never had issues with the login. Sometimes cookies or password managers can mess things up during the login, but never experienced it myself.

Can you share the browser you're using and Proxmox version? Is this behaviour identical on Chrome / Firefox and in normal / privacy mode? Are you using any browser extensions that can block certain scripts?

As for being logged out - there is a timeout and you are indeed logged out after some time. This is expected behaviour, similar to online banking. This is first and foremost a good security feature.


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