AMD Ryzen 7000 servers ?

May I ask you the question what makes you think it cloudn't work? Because I can't tell right now the difference between one x86 chip and another x86 chip which run x86 code. AMD just benefits from ECC memory capability which Intel denies its users for capitalism reason.

Whatever the short answer is yes, it does.
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Maybe you misunderstood the question, I wanted to know if anyone has used servers with AMD Ryzen CPUs which seem to cost less on Aruba, compared to servers with xeon processors. And if you have used them, have you had stability problems with PVE and PBS.
I had never had an issue running any Proxmox product on AMD.

At home my stuff is operating on AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and AMD Ryzen 9 5950X both with ECC memory. In cloud my Mail Gateway's are running on AMD EPYC. My Backup Server is a virtual machine on my R5 host with a pass-through 6TB hdd. I normally operate all my vm's with cpu type "host" and also never had an issue.

Also I really don't understand your question because you are not the first person in my life asking this in relation to a stability or issue concern. There is literally no difference on this abstract level between an Intel and AMD chip. They both work and both can fail as well. If AMD chips would make such a hugh difference in stability or whatever against Intel nobody would buy or offer them trust me. As well would Proxmox setup a huge warning banner if there would be an issue with AMD.
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Forgive me, today I find myself in the situation of having to update my pve, so I have to add a node, put the latest version and migrate the machines. I would like to try to contain the costs of the hardware I'm looking around for. At the moment I use a DELL with IDRACK 32GB ECC ram and SSD disks turned on. All about Aruba. What do you recommend from your experience?
Pardon me but why do you have to replace your machine for a Proxmox upgrade? Just upgrade the host according to the upgrade documentation and you are fine.

If you need advice for your rig I need more information about your requirements.
Let me explain, I have a Dell server with 32 GB RAM and 2 Dishi SSDs. I added an external USB disk for machine copies and the Tuixis service for machine copies. PVE is at 6.4-15 so far it's fine, it's not exposed to the internet, to avoid blocking anyone who uses VPS I wanted to add a node for security. Or at least have a cakcup node to start if there are problems.


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