AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and pve-kernel-6.2


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Jun 14, 2023

I bought a new bare metal at Hetzner with AMD Ryzen 5 3600. Unfortunatelly during installation of proxmox, right after switching kernels to 6.2 I have a problem with starting a system.
The message says:
ccp: unable to access the device: you might be running a broken BIOS
psp enabled

Some threads on reddit suggest turning off psp.. but, I did not find any option like that in BIOS (msi click bios).

The same situation is with older pve kernels (pve-kernel-5.15).

Is there any way I could solve it? For now I have installed proxmox and started all on standard 6.1 kernel from Debian 12.

Best regards!

are you running into any actual problems while running the 6.2 kernel? Or did you just noticed the message in the boot log?

If it's the latter and you don't notice any problems, this message can just be ignored. It's rather common due to bad vendor firmware.
At the begining - thanks for your answer Chris!

I did notice that warning when running "clean" 6.1.0-9-amd64 kernel from Debian 12. And as you said - it was just a warning and nothing else. Server was booting normally and all started just fine.

However, when I did install Proxmox with its 6.2-pve kernel the booting process was stopped at that exact moment (when warning appears) and server stopped to respond on any KVM actions (ctrl+alt+del, del, whatever via keyboard) - only hardware restart... Im not sure it would react the same with directly attached keyboard.

What I did is I have changed the grub default kernel from 6.2-pve to default 6.1 debians kernel and booted proxmox that way.

Funny and also confusing (at least me) is when i type: uname -r in a console after booting 6.1 kernel, I see:

but I'm 100% sure server was started using 6.1 kernel :) -i and --p switches displays "unknown".

Best regards
Hm... nope, it wasnt anything like that (allthou throu KVM everything was blurry and greeny :) )
Simply, while booting where all checks and starts are done the message appeared and all got frozen.

It was looking almost exactly as the messages when you type "dmesg" in your console. Except it got all frozen when that warning appeared.

And BTW Hetzner - I have asked'em for help, but they said all they could do is to check the bios upgrade.. (which wasnt avaiable).
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