Allocating Memory and Storage Properly

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    I'm running these and over the years I am quite aware that my configuration is likely to be an entire mess! I was looking at making things sane so I would welcome any suggestions as money is very tight. Overall, there is only 8gb of memory so i'm likely pushing it. I have provided the output of demicode below for comparison.

    101 - FreePBX 12

    Running Modified Version of Centos 6.5.
    3gib memory allocated
    1 processor
    300 gb hard drive
    Intention: To take around 40 calls at the same time (or at least queue them on the server)

    102 - ISPConfig (Temporary Whilst Being Migrated onto 105)

    Running Debian 8.
    512.00 mib/2.10 GiB
    1 Processor
    100 GB Hard Drive
    Hosting 6 websites.

    103 - Zimbra (To be Decommissioned in favour of Suite CRM running on 105)

    Running Centos 7.
    1.00gib/6.00 GiB
    1 Processor
    100GB Hard Drive

    104 - IRC Bots (Eggdrop) and FreeRadius

    Running Debian 8 (Will be moved to Debian 9)
    512.00 MiB
    1 Processor
    32 GB Hard Drive.
    Intention to run 3 bots and an authentication for my Lede wifi.

    105 - ISPConfig (NEW Permanent)

    Running Debian 9.
    1 Processor
    100GB Hard Drive
    (Please see other ISPConfig for intended use).

    106 - Proposed (OwnCloud Document Storage)
    ? Memory
    1 Processor
    100GB Hard Drive.

    I'm also looking to build in an openvz container on ISPConfig 105:

    Thanks and Kind Regards,

    Demicode Output -
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