[SOLVED] Advice concerning creating a Shared Storage


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Sep 19, 2019
Hello !
I created a cluster with 3 nodes on Proxmox 6, and I'm trying to get a pool that is composed of all the nodes, because I only got a pool for each node but not a main one with combined storage !
So do you guys know how to create a pool with all of my nodes in it ?

Thanks in advance for your answers !
I can give some more for sure ! What information would you know ?

Would Ceph/RBD be relevant ?
Do you want to use a shared storage that is exported to the cluster via NFS/Samba/iSCSI or a cluster file system based one like Ceph?

From you answer I think the latter.

In that case I can recommend our documentation, especially the requirements for Ceph [0] and additionally the requirements listed in the official Ceph documentation [1].

If you still have questions after that it would be good to know about the hardware you have available, the servers as well as the network.

I'm trying to get a pool that is composed of all the nodes, because I only got a pool for each node but not a main one with combined storage !
Do you mean the local-zfs / local-lvm storages?

[0]: https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/pve-admin-guide.html#_precondition
[1]: https://docs.ceph.com/docs/luminous/start/hardware-recommendations/
I already got a pool created as shown here:
Screenshot (6).png

But as you can see here:
Screenshot (5).png
On each node I have a pve_pool (pve0n) that has approximately 10 TiB of storage, and I'd like to know if it is possible to have a disk or shared storage solution that can combine pve_pool(pve01), pve_pool(pve02), pve_pool(pve03) to get a 30 TiB storage ?
Concerning the hardware, I have 3 Dell Poweredge R710 with 6 TiB per server, as well as a RAID controller on each server
Ah okay, well that pool should already be shared throughout the cluster. Once you create a VM and select the pve_pool as storage for the disk it should show up in the content section of the pool on each node.

If you want to share files pool wide like ISOs or backups take a look at CephFS.
Oh ok so I shoul be able to access a VM if a node is down ?

Thank you for you answers I was a bit lost with all of this !
If you place the VMs disk on the pve_pool storage yes. If the cluster is new and not yet used in production it is a good idea to test various fail scenarios to have an idea how the system behaves in such a situation.


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