Adding existing logical volume in md array as local storage


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Dec 5, 2018

I am new in this forum and have no experience with Proxmox VE (yet) but I would like to install proxmox on my home server and have a question.

My current setup is a HP microserver Gen8 with 8gb Ram and a Xeon E3-1260l with Debian Stretch installed. The OS is installed on a SSD in the ODD bay and my data is stored in a mdraid on 4 disks. The storage space is managed through LVM with currently 2 logical volumes (data and media) formatted as ext4. My services are running in unprivileged LXC containers. I have currently 5 containers :
  • Kodidb used to manage my KODI database in a centralised manner
  • Nextcloud, the name is explicit
  • media-mgmt used to manage my media (subtitle download and renaming files)
  • plexserver used to host plex.
  • samba-share used to share my media to the instances of Kodi in my house.
This setup is a bit messy as I learned all this as I implemented it and I would like to install Proxmox VE on the drive in the ODD bay instead of debian stretch and recreate the containers and restore the configs and database once everything is created. My main concern is with the mdraid array used for storage that I do not want to reformat as I have not enough space in my backup server to backup my media.

My plan would be to install proxmox on the disk in the ODD bay, then mount the mdarray and resize my logical volumes in order to add a new one to have :
  • data (used to store nextcloud data)
  • media (used to store my movies and tv shows)
  • vm (used to store my vms and containers).
Is it possible to use only the "vm" logical volume as local storage in proxmox VE ? From the reading I have done I see that you can add a volume group as local storage but I have not seen anything related to adding only a logical volume as local storage.

If yes, how would this be configured?

I have done a lot of reading in the PVE admin guide and forum posts but I was not able to find an answer to my question.

Thank you for your help.

Disclaimer : English is not my native language so please be tolerant of my grammar.
you can use the lv as lvm or as lvm-thin storage.
This can easily be done in the Datacenter->Storage->Add-><LVM|LVM-Thin>.
there you can choose your lv "vm".
That's it.


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