[SOLVED] Access Web GUI from several vmbrs

Oct 4, 2019
I currently access my web UI from vmbr0/bridge port enp34s0,, which works fine.
I would like to be able to access it from vmbr1 as well.
vmbr1 has no bridge port.

If I connect to a console on a VM running on vmbr1 I can ping the PVE-server's IP and I can connect to it via SSH without a problem so the network connectivity itself is not a problem.
But when I enter the address to the web UI ( I get :

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.

What do I need to do to enable access to the Web UI on vmbr1 /

My /etc/network/interfaces:
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

iface enp34s0 inet manual

iface enp35s0 inet manual

iface enp37s0 inet manual

auto vmbr0
iface vmbr0 inet static
bridge-ports enp34s0
bridge-stp off
bridge-fd 0

auto vmbr1
iface vmbr1 inet static
netmask 24
bridge-ports none
bridge-stp off
bridge-fd 0

auto vmbr3
iface vmbr3 inet manual
bridge-ports enp35s0
bridge-stp off
bridge-fd 0

auto vmbr2
iface vmbr2 inet manual
bridge-ports enp37s0
bridge-stp off
bridge-fd 0

auto vmbr4
iface vmbr4 inet static
netmask 24
bridge-ports none
bridge-stp off
bridge-fd 0
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try '' - PVE listens with https not http

I hope this helps!
Thanks a LOT! I knew it was something simple that I had overlooked!
I'm so used to Chrome forcing me to use https for everything almost regardless of how I enter the address that I didn't notice the fact that Chromium defaults to http. Didn't even see it in my own link before you pointed it out :)

As an addition, I was able to solve the problem with not being able to login from remote via my other router by adding a second routing table according to this guide:
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