80% RAM usage

Dec 24, 2022
How do i force proxmox to use more then 80 percent of ram. Once host reaches 80% it starts taking ram away from vms. It used to use up to 95%. I have 20gb of ram being wasted.
Thats how ballooning works. Once the host exceeds 80% RAM it will steal RAM from the guests until it's below 80% again. If you don't want that, don't use balloning or at least don't set your min RAM lower than your max RAM. If you didn't changed your ksmtuned config, KSM will also start deduplicating RAM once 80% is exceeded.
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so what do i need to do to allow host to use 100% basically i got caught in a situation where my vm controling all things network. Pihole Omada proxy were being killed because of low ram. my host has no swap because its using zfs and i guess by default zfs doesn't enable swap. Is there anyway to set that limit to 90% or 95%
Install zram-tools and use compressed swap in ram in situations in which you don't have swap on a backend storage device.
Is there anyway to set that limit to 90% or 95%
As far as I know, this 80% is hardcoded for ballooning. Disable ballooning and KSM if you don't want that PVE will try to get some RAM back.

But your main problem is probably RAM overprovisioning. Don't assign the guests more RAM than you actually got (keep in mind that ZFS wants up to 50%).
i run dell r 730 and r630 with only a 1/3 of slots filled about to order anoth 500gb or so of ram this problem wont be an issue long lol


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