2 nodes and Shared Storage with Baremetal TrueNas vs 3 nodes


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Nov 19, 2023
Hey everybody :)

I m planning on renewing my homelab setup and i m struggling between various scenarios. :rolleyes:

Here is what i have :

2 mini PCs same setup
- I7 Gen 7
- 16gig Ram
- 128 Gig SSD
- 2x Gig Network cards each

One Diy NAS
- I3 Gen 6
- 16gig Ram
- Nvme 128Gig
- 3x HDD 3To
- 2x HDD 2To
- 2x Gig Network cards
- 1x 10Gig SFP+ Cards
- Mb built in Sata controler
- No Pcie left on MB

My aim is :
- Solid Storage with one Raid 5 for Hot data / one Raid 1 for cold data - backups
- Multiple VM and some (not necessarly all) needing 10gigs Connectivity to speed up downloads

I m struggling between :

1st Scenario : 2 proxmox nodes clustered and Truenas Scale Baremetal.
Pros :
I wont have to passthrough disk as in baremetal and i heard it s more reliable
I will be able to install specific apps needing 10gigs on Truenas directly
Cons :
My cluster won t be HA
Kindy too bad to have 2 differents app sources (Proxmox + TrueNas)

2nd Scenario : 3 proxmox nodes clustered with 3rd node being the NAS with TrueNas Virtualized.
Pros :
My cluster will be HA
All my labs will be on the same datacenter
I will be able to dedicate my 10gig network as i want (so i think ? :p)
Cons :
Disk Passthrough doesn t seems to be the best practice
Will i have enough ressources ?

If any wise soul can help me i would be glad o_O


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