2 LXC's Failing to backup

Dan Medhurst

Apr 25, 2019
Running Virtual Environment 5.4-3

I have 2 LXC's out of 9 that are suddenly unable to backup.

2019-04-24 00:46:56 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 103 (lxc)
2019-04-24 00:46:56 INFO: status = running
2019-04-24 00:46:56 INFO: CT Name: DAN-WEB
2019-04-24 00:46:56 INFO: backup mode: snapshot
2019-04-24 00:46:56 INFO: ionice priority: 7
2019-04-24 00:46:56 INFO: create storage snapshot 'vzdump'
2019-04-24 00:46:57 INFO: creating archive '/mnt/backups/dump/vzdump-lxc-103-2019_04_24-00_46_56.tar.gz'
2019-04-24 00:47:21 INFO: tar: ./var/lib/dpkg/info/libbs2b0\:amd64.md5sums: Cannot stat: Bad message
2019-04-24 00:54:29 INFO: Total bytes written: 5165383680 (4.9GiB, 11MiB/s)
2019-04-24 00:54:29 INFO: tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
2019-04-24 00:54:34 INFO: remove vzdump snapshot
2019-04-24 00:54:35 ERROR: Backup of VM 103 failed - command 'set -o pipefail && tar cpf - --totals --one-file-system -p --sparse --numeric-owner --acls --xattrs '--xattrs-include=user.*' '--xattrs-include=security.capability' '--warning=no-file-ignored' '--warning=no-xattr-write' --one-file-system '--warning=no-file-ignored' '--directory=/var/tmp/vzdumptmp25069' ./etc/vzdump/pct.conf '--directory=/mnt/vzsnap0' --no-anchored '--exclude=lost+found' --anchored '--exclude=./tmp/?*' '--exclude=./var/tmp/?*' '--exclude=./var/run/?*.pid' ./ | gzip >/mnt/backups/dump/vzdump-lxc-103-2019_04_24-00_46_56.tar.dat' failed: exit code 2


2019-04-23 01:01:59 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 109 (lxc)
2019-04-23 01:01:59 INFO: status = running
2019-04-23 01:01:59 INFO: CT Name: DAN-NODERED
2019-04-23 01:01:59 INFO: backup mode: snapshot
2019-04-23 01:01:59 INFO: ionice priority: 7
2019-04-23 01:01:59 INFO: create storage snapshot 'vzdump'
2019-04-23 01:02:01 INFO: creating archive '/mnt/backups/dump/vzdump-lxc-109-2019_04_23-01_01_59.tar.gz'
2019-04-23 01:06:04 INFO: tar: ./var/log/apt/history.log.5.gz: Cannot stat: Bad message
2019-04-23 01:06:05 INFO: Total bytes written: 1374924800 (1.3GiB, 5.4MiB/s)
2019-04-23 01:06:05 INFO: tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
2019-04-23 01:06:05 INFO: remove vzdump snapshot
2019-04-23 01:06:06 ERROR: Backup of VM 109 failed - command 'set -o pipefail && tar cpf - --totals --one-file-system -p --sparse --numeric-owner --acls --xattrs '--xattrs-include=user.*' '--xattrs-include=security.capability' '--warning=no-file-ignored' '--warning=no-xattr-write' --one-file-system '--warning=no-file-ignored' '--directory=/var/tmp/vzdumptmp5635' ./etc/vzdump/pct.conf '--directory=/mnt/vzsnap0' --no-anchored '--exclude=lost+found' --anchored '--exclude=./tmp/?*' '--exclude=./var/tmp/?*' '--exclude=./var/run/?*.pid' ./ | gzip >/mnt/backups/dump/vzdump-lxc-109-2019_04_23-01_01_59.tar.dat' failed: exit code 2

Seems to always be on the same 2 files.

I've run pct fsck VMID and both of them come back clean.

Any ideas what i should be checking? They are backing up to an SMB mount (The same one all the others backup to). There is plenty of space on the destination (over 1TB)
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Virtual Environment 5.4-5
I also have the same problem, backup sometimes fail.
It seems there are because ceph snapshot are not atomic.
vzdump can't mount ro snapshot, because need to replay journal log, but on ro mount it's not possible.
Maybe anybody have a solution?


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