1st Time install problem!


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Jun 9, 2023
I believe I've installed Proxmox... but I'm now stuck, and cant finalize.

I'm on a text screen and it's telling me to log in via a web browser. however, this is a fresh install and nothing was on HDD prior to installing Proxmox.

on my screen now is " root@proxmox11: ~# " What is it asking me to enter? Doe's Proxmox come with its own browser? How do you get to it? I tried to access it from another PC on my network, using Chrome but does not recognize the IP address!
Is there a directory of the most common problems, and w/solutions, that are encountered during an installation?

Any assistance for this newbie is appreciated.
Proxmox VE is designed to run head-less in an enterprise environment and to be managed remotely. You connect to the Proxmox web GUI (using the exact URL shown in the text console) from another system in your network. Proxmox does not come with a desktop environment but it can be installed.
Is there a directory of the most common problems
Most common beginner errors:
1.) you typed in "http:" instead of "https:"
2.) you forgot to type in the ":8006" part of the URL
3.) you kept the default IP of "" when installing it, instead of choosing a free IP of your routers subnet. Only clients can access that server that are part of the same subnet. So if your PVE IP would be "" then only clients using a IP between "" and "" can access it.
4.) you typed in some random IPs for the gateway and DNS server and not the IP of your router (not that important for webUI access but for internet to work)
5.) you plugged the ethernet cable in the wrong NIC (in case your server got multiple NICs)


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