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    Flooded with ZED "Missed 1 events" in syslog and CPU constant load

    Getting a lot of zed[3356334]: Missed 1 events zpool events shows thousands of: Oct 14 2021 11:23:52.844797988 sysevent.fs.zfs.config_sync Oct 14 2021 11:23:52.884796898 sysevent.fs.zfs.config_sync Oct 14 2021 11:23:52.884796898 sysevent.fs.zfs.config_sync Oct 14 2021 11:23:52.924795810...
  2. N

    Regular ZED messages in syslog?

    Hi There, I'm running latest pve and using ZFS replication between local-zfs on 2 nodes. Every time the replication runs it seems to output the following type of messages in syslog without any clear meaning what they are referring to or whether they are just unnecessary noise? Feb 28 07:29:01...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] ZFS scrub_start event for rpool?

    Hi, I've configured mail notifications via ZFS Event Daemon / ZED and mail notifications for "ZFS scrub_finish event for rpool ..." work just fine. I would like to receive mails when ZFS starts scrubbing as well. How can I set this? Thank you for Proxmox!
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    /sbin/zed process keeps using 100% cpu

    On Proxmox VE Community 5.3-9 the process /sbin/zed keeps using one cpu core at 100% either with all the VMs stopped. Can somebody help me? I really don't know what is wrong and how to fix it. Following the installation detail: proxmox-ve: 5.3-1 (running kernel: 4.15.18-11-pve) pve-manager...
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    Does zfs-zed need any additional configuration?

    Installing zfs-zed starts its daemon and: $ grep root /etc/zfs/zed.d/zed.rc ZED_EMAIL_ADDR="root" , I already have root email redirected to my email address. There's stuff such as: #ZED_EMAIL_PROG="mail" do I need to configure it? According to...
  6. M

    zed process using fully 1core all the time. But no ZFS !

    Hi Today I noticed a zed -F process consuming 100% of a core all the time. The main problem is that I don't use ZFS on my server ! It seems to have started 1 or 2 weeks ago. Could I remove this package ? Is it normal ? Version pve 5.1.
  7. G

    [SOLVED] zfs/zed.d not sending email

    I have decided to automate the scrubbing of my pool with the advice provided by @tom from this post ZFS Health and because it is no good scrubbing if you aren't notified of a problem looked in the suggestion at the end of that post about using /etc/zfs/zed.d/zed.rc. Information about this ZFS...
  8. L


    Hey there fellow Proxmoxers, I've coded a little program that you might find useful. It was inspired by the trouble I was having getting any of the mail programs to work for logging ZFS errors as reported by ZED, which comes by default with Proxmox. I wanted to use webhooks anyways, as they're...


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