vm networking

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    Connecting VMs to internet with dedicated IPs that came with dedicated server from oneprovider

    Hello beautiful community, I have got 5 dedicated IP's that came with my oneprovider's dedicated server. Have tried almost all the methods that I could find over the internet but I am still not able to achieve the results most recently followed this guide...
  2. M

    Proxmox VM cannot connect to the internet

    I connect 2 LAN port to my server and config file /etc/network/interfaces like this. auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno8303 inet manual auto eno8403 iface eno8403 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address gateway
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    Network not working on VM's

    I recently installed proxmox and I'm trying to learn, I read some topics and also the documentation but I couldn't find the solution to my problem: I virtualized 3 servers (1 almalinux lxc, 1 windows, 1 almalinux kvm) but the network works only on the lxc server Vm config: root@node:~# qm...
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    How do I ssh from one VM to another?

    Dear Proxmox users, I am trying to learn ansible by setting up an ansible environment at home, but I have run into an issue, none of my proxmox hosts seem to be able to ssh into eachother. Trying to ssh with either the hostname I assigned them returns a "could not resolve hostname: Name or...
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    Vm dont have internet with vlan

    hello i have a proxmox with a vlan and my vm have no network Proxmox config: auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 inet manual iface eno2 inet manual iface eno3 inet manual iface eno4 inet manual auto eno4.101 iface eno4.101 inet static address
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    Very Slow iPerf performance from Proxmox VM to VMs on different host

    I started this thread on Reddit (can't post link) as well, hopefully someone has some thoughts! Strange issue with cross-host VM-to-VM communication... First my setup: 3x Proxmox hosts (5.4-10) 10GB networking Unifi US-16-XG switch Qlogic BR-1860 NICs. Single port from each host connected to...
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    Debian 9.5 LXC NIC

    Hi, Network status is showing this error : Dec 05 07:33:00 test ifup[360]: ifup: failed to bring up eth0 Dec 05 07:33:00 test systemd[1]: networking.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE Dec 05 07:33:00 test systemd[1]: Failed to start Raise network interfaces. And...
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    VM gateway on cluster

    hi all, i'm trying to setup VM networking properly. here is my topology; 3 proxmox hypervisor - eth0 -> public ethernet (190.xxx.12.xxx ) - eth1 -> private lan node #1 /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp address 191.xxx.102.11...


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