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    eine oder mehrere Fragen

    Hallo Zusammen Bin zwar neu mit Proxmox unterwegs aber habe sonst schon mit Linux und zb. mit Truenas Core und Scale gearbeitet. Proxmox aufsetzen war einfach und die Konfiguration danach lief flott. Meine VM erstellt und mit Freunden das Spiel gespielt. Da ich aber eine 10GB Netzwerkkarte...
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    Backup job failed with err -125 - Operation canceled

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of migrating the VMs from one proxmox server to another so I can update the proxmox to 8.1. I am creating the backups of VM, then send the backup to the other proxmox server and then restore that VM. The virtual machines are running critical micro-services due...
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    Backups failing for some VMs, while working on others. All have qemu-guest-agent installed.

    So for reasons I can't figure out, when I run a backup for all my VMs and Containers, some VMs fail and others work fine. All containers backup fine. The only thing that's different, from what I can parse, is that VMs that were created in Proxmox with a new drive succeed. However, VMs that were...
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    [SOLVED] How to browse the files of a VM backup

    I saw that this question shows up often but I still didn't found an answer. On PBS I can browse directly the content of a LXCs backup because it's done file-level. On the other side, VMs backups are done on the block-level so I can't directly browse their content. My final question is...
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    how can i recover the disks of a deleted VM?

    Hi, I deleted a VM knowing that I had the restore backup done the day before (I do Daily Backups), but unfortunately the backup was corrupt, is there any way to recover that VM? I no longer have any disks, I would also need to just recover the disks and then recreate the VM
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    Proxmox Backup get Locked

    Hi everyone I got 2 issue. 1. Proxmox-VE login get failed. 2. Cant make backup due to VM locked. When try to unlock get the error message. unable to open file '/etc/pve/nodes/pve/qemu-server/101.conf.tmp.5989' - Input/output error The above 101.conf.tmp.5989 is not there in dir. How can i...
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    VM Backups on NFS Storage

    I have a ProxMox VE environment in which my primary storage is an NFS NAS. From this NAS, I backup the images folder containing my ProxMox KVM VM's. I'm not using the inbuilt Proxmox Backup feature. I'm curious what the scenario looks like should I ever need to do a one-off restore of a VM...
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    [SOLVED] About VM backup size

    I had a large Centos VM (32Gb) and to reduce the size of the backup I add a disk on my ceph storage with backup set to 0 (I toggle the no backup button and use a remote backuppc server for this area) and move all the data to this new storage (/dev/vdb). It remain less than 3GB on /dev/vda. But...
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    [SOLVED] Backup: '/var/lib/vz/tmp_backup' full, how to use other mount point?

    PROXMOX VE5.0-33 does not succeed in backing up a virtual machine with a raw disk of 350GB. That's because during the initial sync, the '/var/lib/vz/tmp_backup' space gets full. The question is : How to use a location in '/mnt/bigdisk' for that where the VM is located? Or another technique for...
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    VM Backup Testing

    Hi We all know that backups are essential, we also know that backups need to be tested. I have been doing a restore of the backup, stopping the running VM. Start the restored backup and confirming data etc. Is there a way to disable the NIC on the restored VM, so it can be started without ip...


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