1. C

    TPM Disk Type prevents Snapshots.

    Is there a way to create a snapshot of a VM with a TPM State disk. I see that the only available disk type is 'raw', qcow2 is not available. However I would very like to be able to make snapshots of my servers, VMs, etc. Does anyone have suggestions or workarounds, simply removing the TPM...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] High Availability On Numerous Hardware Configuration

    I'm interested in configuring high availability but I couldn't find information about how it works with different hardware configurations. I have a really beefy main server, and my other servers that would be in the 3 HA node aren't as powerful. 128 Cores 4 TB of RAM 44 Cores 1 TB of RAM 88...
  3. W

    Passthrough Hardware Transcoding - Visible but not being utilised

    Goal - Have hardware transcoding on a virtual machine using a GTX 1070 TI as the GPU. Achieved so far from following I have gotten so far to the point now where running nvidia-smi will show me Picture 1 in the VM. I can't get this...
  4. L

    Reduce hardisk of 1 VM

    Hi, could someone please help me?? i need to reduce the size of 1 Vm hardisk but i dont see any option to do it. Regards
  5. A

    PBS as VM = Safe?

    So my journey has begun! I'm pondering on this one question I can't seem to find a suiting answer for. Here's the situation: If you have Proxmox. You install PBS as a VM on a node. PBS automatically backs up to an external Truenas machine. If the node goes corrupted for some reason, the...
  6. P

    [TUTORIAL] Virtual Pendrive on VM

    I searched a lot on the pages but found nothing interesting so decided to write a short tutorial. Virtual Flash Drive is very helpful, many systems require it instead of an iso image, and it will also come in handy for quick tests or fast move files beetwen VM. 1. We create an image of our...
  7. I

    [SOLVED] Cisco ISE unsupported hardware detected

    Hi, I am trying to install the cisco ise 2.7 version on proxmox and gives me this error. Have anyone faced this problem? Regards,
  8. DynFi User

    Shutting down all VM / CT in parallel

    I would like to know if you know how I can shutdown ALL VM / CT in parallel ? (as in the GUI). I have setup a script to shutdown VM, CT and then set the noout flag on the CEPH Cluster and finally shutdown the server. Problem is that the script iterates with a for loop (which causes VM to be...
  9. L

    Performance Troubleshooting

    Hello all, I am interested in looking at the performance of my Proxmox host. I am simply trying to install Debian 11 into a virtual machine and it seems to be frozen. I have attached images of my overall datacenter information and the virtual machine information. Where and how can I get...
  10. F

    Proxmox-Host loses connection as soon as Virtual-NIC is created and applied to VM

    Hello Guy's Im pretty new to Proxmox and vitualization in generall and so comes my first question. I have set up a Proxmox Server wich runs on an HP Proliant Machin (physical NIC). I Created a VM wich has Ubuntu-server installed. Now im trying to configure a static IP for the VM so that i can...
  11. V

    Understanding virtual disk images under lxc containers

    Dear Team, please help me to understand virtual disk images under lxc containers, as I read several posts which did not satisfy my challenges. I have a VM acting as a fileserver with a 300GB qcow2 disk attached along with the root disk. As I found that using lxc is much more efficient (very...
  12. M

    Debian Service Startup Problems in PROXMOX

    hi, I have a web page service of repository of pdf and word files where the user looks at a list of files and downloads them, the server has characteristics of 250 gb of space and 8 gb of ram and debian 9 virtualized in proxmox 5, the problems it appears that the service stopped working...
  13. A

    the Backup

    Hi y'all , I'm pretty new with the proxmox V machine thing and need to get certain files from the back up I did on an external Drive I have the External Drive right now connected to my Linux client machine (I have windows as well). is there a way to extract files from this backup I have ? Ps...
  14. S

    Windows key for qemu

    Hi, After trying windows server 2008 R2 on a qemu, I have to register it. On the sticker I have 2, physical and virtual one. Which key I have to use ?
  15. U

    remote access problem

    Hey. Few days ago I installed a Proxmox VM, I can get web environment with my local host, but I can't get it from my computer's job. Someone know how can I solve it? Thanks..


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