virtual machine network

  1. No internet inside Ubuntu (22.04.1) VM.

    My situation is that im using Oracle VirtualBox to run a Proxmox VE (7.2-1) and inside that Proxmox im running a Ubuntu VM in which i don't have any connection. I've just finished installing ubuntu in the VM when i noticed that no running connection is available. My initial thoughts on this...
  2. How to have a different public IP for each vm?

    Hello, I have 5 different vm and everyone it's with the same public ip. Is there any form to make a different public ip for each machine? Example: From: VM1 - VM2 - 92.92.92 .92 VM3 - To: VM1 - VM2 - VM3 -
  3. Physical Access to VMs

    Can something like this be achieved with Proxmox? Basic Idea: 1) One Mirror Pool with 3 ZVols, each containing a Windows 11 VM 2) Pass through 3 Nvidia A4000 to these three VMs respectively as the GPU 3) Output the VM i.e., Windows on an external Monitor connected to these GPUs Plan to run 3...
  4. Proxmox Ceph Cluster - VLAN Tagged VM's not Communicating

    Hey Everyone, I am slowly reaching the end of my Ceph Cluster project and the absolute last thing I need to accomplish is setting up my PVE so that I can create VM's for the different VLAN's in my existing environment. So far I can confirm I can create VM's and have them migrate successfully...
  5. How to give my VMs internet access? I am using proxmox over debian

    I am using proxmox over debian so its kinda hard to find help related to that Your help will be appreciated currently my network config is as in the image:
  6. Network on PROXMOX Help

    100G Nic NMLX5_Core cant seem to get this to work on any of the vm's i make on proxmox i have full duplex of 100G on host wanted it shared between all vms i make but only seem to get max 10G want a lease 40 / 50G on a single vm hope someone can help
  7. [SOLVED] CT is not getting connected to the Internet.

    I am new to proxmox. I have created a CT having Ubuntu 18.04 template. The problem is it is not getting connected to the internet. $ ping connect: Network is unreachable $ cat /etc/network/interfaces # ifupdown has been replaced by netplan(5) on this system. See # /etc/netplan for...
  8. [SOLVED] Seperate VM Network on clustered nodes.

    My config is this: 2 Clustered Nodes Open vSwitch Virtual pfSense for vlan segmentation Hypervisors NET: PVE #1 eno3 (vmbr1) directly connected to PVE #2 eno4 (vmbr1) VM Network: PVE #1 eno4 (vmbr2) directly connected to PVE #2 eno3 (vmbr2) My goal: I want to create a separate VM network...


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