virtio scsi

  1. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Deep dive into Storage Controllers, Compatibility, and Efficiency Metrics with Windows on Proxmox

    Hey everyone, Given the recent developments with VMware/Broadcom, we've noticed a surge in inquiries related to running Windows on Proxmox. To assist those transitioning away from VMware, we've thoroughly examined Windows Server 2022 storage controller compatibility, native driver support...
  2. Y

    Redhat VirtIO developers would like to coordinate with Proxmox devs re: "[vioscsi] Reset to device ... system unresponsive"

    vrozenfe_at_redhat_dot_com (Vadim Rozenfeld) with Redhat would like to connect with Proxmox developers regarding a particular point of pain that Proxmox users seem to be having with their IO drivers:
  3. J

    P2V Win Srv 2016 not booting on Proxmox

    Hello everyone, It's a couple days I'm struggling with a Windows Server 2016 migration. Here what I've done: Installed VirtIO drivers on the phisical srv (even if probably it's useless) Exported a qcow2 image with Starwind P2V Converter Imported the qcow2 on proxmox and created a vm with...
  4. G

    pve8 beta virtio drivers

    trying to install windows11 using the scsi virt i0 drivers it found the drivers but will not install them
  5. B

    High virtio-scsi I/O in one VM crashes all VMs using virtio-scsi

    Hi everyone, I've been having a performance issue with virtio-scsi for some time after migrating from ESX last year, with the VM becoming unresponsive and sometimes causing other VMs using virtio-scsi to hang too. I previously only saw the issue with Windows VMs during Windows updates, usually...
  6. N

    Windows Server update causing boot issues with VirtIO SCSI

    Summary: I had to detach Windows Server boot drives in our Server 2012 R2 and 2019 VMs to change their configuration from SCSI to IDE so that Windows Server would no longer get stuck endless booting this morning (spinning circle, no error, no crash, but no progress in the boot process). Windows...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] no VirtIO SCSI available option for Windows guest

    Hi everyone, is that normal that I don't see the option VirtIO SCSI while I'm trying to create a windows VM ? Thanks.
  8. V

    [SOLVED] Red Hat VirtIO SCSI controller for Windows XP

    Is there a version of this driver that works with Windows XP? The latest give me Error 39. Nevermind, seems like virtio-win-0.1.173 is working.
  9. A

    [SOLVED] After changing disk type for Windows-VM boot fails

    I was hoping to upgrade my disk configuration for a Windows VM via the following steps (which worked flawless on numerous other systems before): - add small SCSI-disk to VM causing Windows to install the VirtIO drivers - change disk type from ide0 to scsi0 However, if I change the disk type...
  10. L

    Adding storage to a vm : best practices

    Hello, I would like to have a VM with docker for my personnal services. Guest : - TrueNasCore or - OpenMediaVault Question I would like to know what is the best way to add storage on the VM with proxmox. Situation All my VMs are based on a linux kernel. I currently have : - Host 1 (proxmox)...


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