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    Redhat VirtIO developers would like to coordinate with Proxmox devs re: "[vioscsi] Reset to device ... system unresponsive"

    vrozenfe_at_redhat_dot_com (Vadim Rozenfeld) with Redhat would like to connect with Proxmox developers regarding a particular point of pain that Proxmox users seem to be having with their IO drivers:
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    pve8 beta virtio drivers

    trying to install windows11 using the scsi virt i0 drivers it found the drivers but will not install them
  3. H

    Default setting of SCSI controller is now VirtIO SCSI-Single

    I saw in the release notes of PVE 7.3 that the default setting for new VMs now provides that IO threads is enabled and thus VirtIO SCSI-Single is selected as controller instead of VirtIO SCSI before. I have three questions about this: a) What is the advantage or reason for changing the default...
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    [SOLVED] Dynamically set Disk (virtio0) limits using CLI (pvesh/qm)

    Hi, whenever I set disk limits using pvesh or qm command line tools, the setting is not applied immediately. Instead, the new setting turns orange in the web UI meaning that it will be applied at the next reboot. If I set the parameters directly in the web UI, they are immediately applied with...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to parse volume ID

    Hi! I've wanted to resize the virtio1 disk of this VM: [13:37]root@frapevh004:/etc/pve/qemu-server# cat 167.conf agent: 1 boot: order=virtio0;net0 cores: 1 memory: 32768 name: frapelogdb001-n4 net0: virtio=6E:A5:69:CE:5B:EA,bridge=vmbr300 numa: 0 onboot: 1 ostype: l26 scsihw: virtio-scsi-pci...
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    [SOLVED] unable to create an Linux VM with VirtIO drive since update

    Since i did this upgrade I'm unable to create Linux (at least, I didn't try windows) such as Ubuntu, Univention, ParrotOS, Kali, ... with a VirtIO drive but it work well with SCSI. it systematically...
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    Windows Server 2022 installation with VirtIO (Network and SCSI drive) ::: working

    As I had quite a few troubles installing Windows Server 2k22 on Proxmox, I wanted to let everybody else know, how I managed to get it running. I started with SeaBIOS and i440fx machine type (standard settings...), the VirtIO paravirtualized network interface and tried from the start a hard disk...
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    Proxmox VE 6.3-2 compatibility with VirtIO drivers?

    Im running VE 6.3-2 as a hypervisor on Debian 10 (for reference) Heres my situation. I use Virtualizor to provision Virtual Machines when orders are made on my WHMCS website. I have used Virtualizor provided windows templates, but my clients have had some issues with them (fixable issues) but...
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    Can't create VM disk with almost all the available size of the zfspool

    I create a zfs raidz1 with 3 x 4T disks and it shows that I have 7.04TiB available spaces. But when I try to add a new 6TiB(6144GiB) disk to a vm, it failed because of no space. How could that happen. That's a new raid I just created. When I lower the disk size to 5000GiB, it created...
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    virtuelle disk verkleinern

    Mir geht es um das verkleinern einer virtuelle Disk…ich habe zuvor über das Webinterface die Disk erweitert (resize disk) Allerdings ist mir dabei ein Fehler passiert…ich dachte das ich die Disk auf den eingegebenen Wert bringe, es war aber der Wert um wieviel die Disk vergrößert wird. Nun habe...
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    Proxmox Windows VM which is the best hard disk setting?

    Hello, I would like to install windows server 2016 on proxmox. my server have two ssds. i use qcow2 but wich is the best ide, sata or virtio and discard enable or disable? i have no lvm storage. can you give me a quick answer? thanks!
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    Creating additional virtio disk of a VM

    Hi to everyone. I'm trying to create an additional virtio1 disk for a VM. FYI, the VM has already a virtio0 disk. Therefore, I try to create it via the API using the call: POST /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/config But I'm receiving this: update VM 105: -virtio1...
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    High Hard Drive Usage/Low RW Performance in VM Guest Win10

    Hi all! I recently got GPU passthrough working on one of my VMs and I'm delighted to say that everything appears to be working as it should, with one minor exception. I'm noticing some serious slowness in the IO/hard disk department. Sometimes the guest machine appears to be fine. Other times...
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    S.M.A.R.T. in KVM on virtio drive

    Hi, I use passtrough to make hdds, that are physically connected to my hypervisor available to a VM. For example with code like this: qm set 102 -virtio1 /dev/disk/by-id/ata-TOSHIBA_DT01ACA300_548XGR9GS Accessing the hdd from within the VM works fine, except SMART and device info. It seems...
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    PVE 4.x: Adding virtio controller causes VM cpu spike

    Hello all, I salvaged a broken physical system and created first a 4.1 PVE node and then a XP VM in it. For the latter I simply used the existing actual hard disk of the broken system. It booted perfectly from the start, even though no mergeide took place. In fact I expected hell to break...


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