1. A

    Evaluation of server build for Proxmox compatibility

    Hi, I'm evaluating the purchase of the build in the attached image below and since I would like to manage it through proxmox VE, do you see any critical parts that cannot work with proxmxox? I'm particularly concerned about the tpm module and the handling of the 3 ADA GPUs. Thank you in advance.
  2. C

    BIOS Optionen neuer Proxmox Server

    Guten Abend zusammen, nun habe ich endlich meinen neuen Proxmox Server zusammengebaut :) Anbei die Komponenten: Mainboard: Gigabyte MC12-LE0 CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X RAM: 4X 32GB DDR4 ECC ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Gen 4 Cardmit 2...
  3. N

    Need help installing Proxmox with automatic decryption and multiple drives

    I'm trying to install Proxmox on a server that is going to be running Home Assistant, a security camera NVR setup and other sensitive data, I need to have the drives be encrypted with automatic decryption of drives so the VMs can automatically resume after a power failure. # My desired setup...
  4. N

    Mortar (Secureboot/LUKS Framework) broken with PVE kernel >= 5.19

    Hey guys, I am the dev behind Mortar, a framework for linking secureboot with LUKS to create fully encrypted, auto unlocking hypervisors. Proxmox support was the original target for this framework but it has since grown. My users and I have discovered that things simply don't work with PVE...
  5. A

    Windows VM Some Hardware Greyed Out

    Hello everyone, I've ran onto this issue where I cannot seem to add any more USB devices to my VM, nor EFI Disks nor TPM states as the UI has them greyed out. Has anyone run onto this issue and can provide some input on how to address it? I'm on Proxmox 8.0.4 Thanks in advance!
  6. D

    Ceph + secure communications + TPM disk ⇒ scary looking kernel error, 'no match of type 1 in addrvec', 'corrupt full osdmap', even when krbd not set

    [ This follows on from my previous comment on a different thread, ] I've just figured out the whats and whys of a problem I've been having trying to create a new VM that uses RBD disks hosted by an external Ceph cluster...
  7. O

    Move of TPM State disk fails

    I'm trying to move a Win11 VM storage from and NFS share back to a local (ZFS) store. I moved the system disk and EFI disks, but when I try and move the TPM disk it fails with this error: create full clone of drive tpmstate0 (vmstore-NFS:500/vm-500-disk-0.qcow2) transferred 0.0 B of 4.0 MiB...
  8. S

    Can't rollback snapshot, vm with tpm feature

    Hi, all. I tried to rollback snapshot today but meet this issue. shell shows me: kvm: Unknown ramblock "tpm-ppi", cannot accept migration kvm: error while loading state for instance 0x0 of device 'ram' kvm: Error while loading VM state: Invalid argument I wonder maybe tpm state caused this...
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    [SOLVED] vTPM for Proxmox

    The latest release preview of Windows 11 requires TPM2.0 and Secure boot which is now mandatory for all installations including VM. Has anyone managed to solve this? I tried to follow this but failed vTPM and Secureboot capability in a Proxmox-KVM [For Windows 11]
  10. J

    vTPM support - do we have guide to add the vTPM support?

    Hi, I am trying to do some labs on Windows 10 regarding Windows Hello, but it requires TPM. I searched many places but find no doc on how to add the TPM support on PVE platform, but I find it is possible to be done via "swtpm" - a emulated tpm for QEMU ...
  11. G

    TPM 2.0 possible with Promox?

    I'm new to Proxmox. I'm in the process of switching from OpenVZ to Promox. I would like to know if I can use full disk encryption, with use of TPM 2.0 module, with Proxmox? I have a 3 disk raid 5 (Linux software raid) for vm's and single ssd system drive. What are the possibilities with disk...
  12. 9

    Securing VM data at rest with TPM Passthrough or other options

    Greetings all. I have a Windows 10 VM running on a Proxmox workstation, and have the following requirements: I must secure the data at rest in case the physical host machine is stolen The VM should be able to boot without user interaction due to using GPU passthrough and not having access to...


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