1. N

    About multipath and lvm

    Hello everyone, I have configured 5 Proxmox nodes to use FC multipath. The only way to achieve high availability is to mount them as LVM, but LVM does not seem to support QCOW2 format disks. I want thin disks, otherwise disk resources will be consumed quickly, but I also want HA. Is there any...
  2. S

    Festplatten von Thick in Thin umwandeln

    Hallo Zusammen, ich bin absoluter Neuling im Proxmox Umfeld. Hab einen Host und einen lokaeln zfspool. Hab 5 Linux VMs deployed für verschiedene Dienste. Jetzt ist mir aufgefallen, dass der Speicherplatz schon relativ schnell belegt wurde. Mein Fehler: Hatte unter Storage - zfspool den Haken...
  3. F

    Q: LVM_Thin and restore 'bigger' VM

    Hi, I have question / curious if anyone has insight/comment. - doing a P2V migration of a physical host > proxmox; using a temporary staging host to facilitate the transfer. - Stage host and clobber old host - was done with ISO / stock install proxmox host 7.latest - OldHost is supermicro...
  4. Q

    [SOLVED] Corrupt GPT after Restore on PVE 7.0 from Backup on PVE 6.4 | QEMU VM, LVM-Thin Storage, OVMF

    Hello everyone I tested whether I could migrate VMs from PVE 6.4-13 to PVE 7.0-11, using backup and restore, which unfortunately fails. Both PVEs share an equal setup except for their Proxmox version, have an LVM thin pooled storage, were installed from Debian (Buster, Bullseye, respectively)...
  5. S

    How do I create VMs on the local-lvm / lvm-thin storage?

    I just did my first proxmox install ever on a 500gb disk. I used all defaults so it is using ext4. After install I wanted to create my first VM and when I clicked create VM it said there is only 90gb available on the "local" disk for creating VMs: So I went digging into the interface to...
  6. E

    Install containers/KVM on formatted ext4 lvm from /dev/pve/data(thin) on an SSD or NAS drive(ironwolf or skyhawk)?

    I have done this twice with a WD green and purple(both died, green was not suited for 24/7 anyways and purple was 2nd hand and I got cheap). Now I've got an SSD, where it initializes /dev/pve/data to make use of a big chunk of the SSD's capacity, so I what I usually do is make use of it via...
  7. J

    [TUTORIAL] How to create an LVM-Thinpool and Vz directory on the same disk.

    I wanted to add a disk, and primarily use it as a Thinpool, and I also wanted some directory storage for images and templates on the same disk. The guide here shows how to do it: However its not as simple as copy and paste. You...
  8. A

    Thin pool metadata repair

    Hi everybody! We ran into a trouble with our thin pool. The situation is quite usual, but... not. After a power failure server boots, but no VM start. After a short investigation turned out that thin pool pve/data is inactive. Found similar solution on RedHat wiki and tried following steps...
  9. S

    ZFS doesn't update free space correctly

    Hello I've been having a problem with a thin-provisioned filesystem on ZFS. Right now I'm not really sure if its a problem with proxmox or the guest. Right now my setup is: ZFS: NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT rpool 10.2T 47.1G 140K /rpool...
  10. L

    Making backups small / thin as possible

    Looking for some feedback here, I recently noticed some of my backups were larger than I expected given the amount of actual data residing in the guest VMs. But I realized this is because some of those guest VMs had *previously* stored a lot of data and though I had deleted it it wasn't...


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