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    Two NICs two subnets

    Hello Everyone, I'm sweating my bal*s off right now, i've been searching for a definitive and working answer for days but nothing seems to work. To start i use the onboard motherboard NIC as the main one, which is on LAN, which is also working fine as intended. As a second NIC i...
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    Multi-Subnet, Multi-Tenant, VLANned, Bonded & Bridged Network Config - Am I Doing It Right?

    Hey guys, I'm an IT veteran but a Proxmox & Linux noob. I'm configuring a set of Proxmox 6.3-2 servers for use in a relatively complex web hosting environment and I just wanted to get some confirmation that the way I'm configuring the networking is correct. The network will used a bridged...
  3. Z

    Problems with Hetzner subnet and Proxmox

    Hello all together, i got a Rootserver and an /29 Subnet from Hetzner. First of all we setup the Server with Proxmox without any problems. But i got a couple of strange problems setting up the network-bridges and a "real" VM and i really don't get the problem. Firewall is disabled. Not being...
  4. N

    One NIC and two public IP adress

    Dear all, I've been struggling with setting up my server for a few days now. Here is my situation: I have a server with one network interface. I have a public IP x.x.x.3 and i ordered another public ip wich is x.x.x.21 What I'm trying to do is to setup two subnets, one for each public IP. I've...
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    VM1 cannot ping VM2 on different VMBR

    Hi, my problem is, that VM1 cannot ping VM2 on a different VMBR. We've got 3 Proxmox-servers running as a cluster. Each server hat its own /29-subnet (e.g. IPs,, and some failover-IPs for critical VMs (e.g. IPs,, so there VMs can migrate...
  6. W

    Need help with VLAN config...

    Hi. I tried to use VLANs & Subnetting with Proxmox 4.2. I found this manual in the wiki: ... and tried to follow it. My /etc/network/interfaces looks like this: auto lo iface lo inet loopback # Realtek r8169 iface eth0 inet manual #bond0 iface eth1 inet...
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    Subnetting und Zuordnung der VLANs --> VMs

    Hallo. Wir sind gerade dabei, auf einem Testsystem Subnetting & VLANs einzurichten. Wir haben zusätzlich ein bond0 (mit 4 slaves) erzeugt, auf dem alle VLANs getaggt in den Proxmox-Server gelangen (4-fach NIC). Nun ist es in der GUI einerseits möglich, eine neue "Bridge.VLAN-ID" (z.B...


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