storage detection

  1. taich

    Backup Storage disconnectd

    I run a Proxmox cluster (3 nodes) latest version with all updates and upgrades done. And I also have a Proxmox Backup server also updated to latest version. Once in a while the backup server gets disconnected from pve. In server view under storage pbs loses its name and there is a question mark...
  2. U

    Proxmox unlinked my VM's disk, and now it does not show up in the VM's storage

    Hello everyone, I am having some trouble right now, and I'm unsure how to solve it. My VM was running like normal, and after a while (probably after proxmox restarted) it disconnected one of the drives for that VM without allowing me to reconnect it. But it still shows up in the storage area of...
  3. I

    LVM Storage Issue

    Hi there, New to Proxmox VE. I was hoping I could have someone assist me with troubleshooting this particular issue. After creating an LVM on an HDD and attaching it to a VM (ID 106) as IDE2 and placing files on it, I stupidly shut the server down and tried to attach a new hard drive...
  4. S

    san storage in proxmox

    hi all , I have proxmox server , this server connected to san storage to get 11TB , my problem is he read 4 disks with same storage , for example #lsblk sdb 8:16 0 12T 0 disk └─sdb1 8:17 0 12T 0 part sdc...
  5. S

    mount storage pool

    hello , I have hard disk used for " Proxmox server " with size around 12TB has many of virtual machines and backup I added this hard disk to my current " Proxmox server" and mounted this disk under "/last-system" directory I need to make this directory as storage pool without losing the data...
  6. R

    Proxmox backup Server external storage

    Good evening! how do I connect an external storage to my proxmox backup server? For example, turn on an ibm storage, or turn on a Truenas pool on my server, instead of saving to local disks. I didn't find documentation about. * Backup Server 2.0-4
  7. Bran-Ko

    Storage degraded

    I made som test with ZFS storage. I manually degraded my ZFS (because I need to train some situation). But I was very surprised why everything is with green light. I mean that everything was good/OK. And I need to find where is trouble with degraded storage. (thread about email notification is...
  8. U

    [SOLVED] HDD Move from One PVE node to another

    Hi, I have setup another node of PVE and I detached the disk from my old PVE node abd attached it to this newer node. I can see under Disks option my new HDD is detected and displayed without doing any extra configuration so it seems like new PVE node auto detected the already configured...
  9. J

    Directory mounted on 2.5TB ZFS disk only uses 200GB

    I created a directory at /Nextcloud.Storage which is my 2.5TB user data drive. The drive has at least 1TB free space, so what gives?
  10. J

    Lost connectivity with external storage after upgrade

    Hi Proxmoxers. After restarting PVE nodes previously upgraded from 5.3.13-1 to 5.4.65-1 kernel, we lost connectivity with LUNs provided by Fujitsu Eternus DX100 S4 - FC interface connected to QLogic 2692 Host Bus Adapters in servers. It's not multipath issue, as we cannot see the storage devices...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] VM Migration failed. Incorrect storage detection

    Hi Folks! I'm trying out Proxmox VE ( 6.0-9 ) plus Linstor Plugin as a Datacenter Virtualization Solution for the company I work for. So far, pretty good. I've found a glitch though, and as I dont really know if it's about proxmox or about Linstor + ZFS, I'll post this in both communities. My...


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