special device

  1. G

    ZFS Metadata Special Device

    Hello all, I would like to configure a metadata special device for my ZFS mirror pool (2x HDD's, 18TB each) but I am not entirely sure of the steps. I've found some documentation online but I am still hesitant as I don't want to mess things up & then re-build the mirror. I do have data backed...
  2. H

    ZFS special device

    Hallo, Ich nutze einen ZFS pool mit special device, als lokales Storage in meiner PVE Umgebung. Im Wiki ZFS on Linux habe ich folgenden Hinweis gefunden: Dieses Verhalten wollte ich mir zu nutze machen um VMs nur auf den SSDs abzulegen. Daher hab ich ein Subvol ZFS-HDD01/proxmox_ssd angelegt...
  3. M

    Help for new configuration

    Hi, i'm new to Proxmox and i need some help. I am trying to create a new configuration on my server and I have done some research but I have some questions left. The goal is to run 5-6 vms Windows and Linux. 2x DC, DNS, DHCP (WS2019) 1x File Server without Database (WS2019) 1x Game Server like...
  4. G

    Architecture setup PVE, PBS

    Hello, i own a mini server with the following specs: ASRock J5040-ITX (Gemini-Lake Refresh, Quad-Core, up to 3.2 GHz) 4 x SATA 1 x PCIe 2.0 (already used for second ethernet port) 1 x 500GB SSD 1 x 6TB HDD Also i own a QNAP TS-253A with 16GB RAM and 1 x 6TB HDD. Currently Proxmox VE is...
  5. S

    Best raid configuration for my setup (HDD/SSD)

    Hello, I would need your recommendations on what type of raid would be the best for my PBS install, I planned to use ZFS. Server hardware : - 64Go RAM - 24x 8To (HDD, 7,2k) - 2x 1To (Sata SSD), for the OS. For the OS, I guess I will use raid-1 on both SSD (2x 1To) Regarding the storage of...
  6. DerDanilo

    ZFS - Allow creating special, log and cache device via UI/PVE storage API

    It would be great if the storage api/module allows to create special, log and cache devices for ZFS pools. It is all fine doing that by hand but since HDDs will be with us for quiet a while it would be useful to have that available to avoid human error. Also the storage API should allow to...
  7. Dunuin

    ZFS Special Device question

    Hi, Can someone tell me what will happen when you add a special device (only for metadata) to a pool and that special device gets full? Will the pool get into troubles because it can't write any new metadata or will it just write new metadata to the other non special device disks in that pool...
  8. M

    ZFS and special device how to use unused free space ?

    I know this might be a stupid question, but it also my be a good question. I've done a mistake and setup a special device with 700+ GB in mirrored mode, the mistake being too much space dedicated for this. I have already a separate partition from this for SLOG, but that's unrelated to the...


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