snapshot fail

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    Using GlusterFS w/ Proxmox -- Snapshot Attempts Crash VM

    I am running a Proxmox 8.2.4 cluster of 3 nodes on 3 Dell 710 (repurposed GSA) servers. I have set up a GlusterFS volume using the local storage on each of the three nodes. I have gluster-server 11.1-1 installed. I am using a separate 1Gb Ethernet network for the gluster peers. (There are 4 NICs...
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    [SOLVED] Snapshot fails to cleanup and prevents future snapshots

    Hi Everyone, Before performing maintenance on a Windows Server 2022 VM, a snapshot was attempted with memory. Unfortunately, it failed to clean up with a perplexing error. The VM has two virtual disks, one on GlusterFS and the other on NFS. The GlusterFS storage is high performance (local on 3...
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    [SOLVED] Snapshots get stucked like this

    Hi there snapshots stucked like this on 1 VM, never ends
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    [SOLVED] Snapshot 6.xx vs 7.xx

    Guten Tag Leute. Ich habe hier ein etwas (für mich) merkwürdiges Verhalten. 2 Systeme habe ich am laufen. Proxmox 6.xx und 7.xx 6.xx: Ich kann hier Backups und auch Snapshot’s machen. Die Backups werden via NFS auf eine Synology gemacht. Ebenfalls Restore ist möglich. 7.xx: Hier dasselbe...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox VE Clone and Backup Work Very Slow

    Hello everyone, I did a fresh install of Proxmox VE Version 7.1-7. Backup and clone functions do not work properly. I have a problem when I want to load a clone from a template or restore a backup file. The process is not responding and all virtual machines on the server are stopped. Even after...
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    [SOLVED] VM's Filesystem seems corrupted after failed snapshot

    EDIT: I used fsck /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-ubuntu--lv as suggested by @Pifouney. Thank you! My server is up and running again. --- Hello everyone, I hope you're doing great. I'm not. First, I have to mention I am pretty new to Proxmox and don't have a ton of knowledge. I encountered following...
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    [SOLVED] Delete stuck snapshot

    Hi there, I have an old snapshot on my system, which won't delete. It's not being used and he status says 'delete' but is appears stuck. If I try and delete it again in the GUI the delete fails, and the VM is locked. I have to unlock the vm manually on the command line. Could someone tell me...
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    VM State storage malfunction?

    Proxmox VE 6.2-14 I'm trying to take a snapshot of a VM made up of 3 qcow2 disks. The first disk is ubuntu OS and the other 2 disks are user data. They are 230GB combined raw, but actually more like 100GB of data. In my VM options I have it set to save to storage "spare" which has about 300GB...
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    ZFS Snapshot hangs

    Hello Community I have a cron job like this: for ct in /etc/pve/local/lxc/*.conf; do ct=$(basename "$ct") ctID="${ct%.*}" echo "Snapshot $snapname for $ctID" /usr/sbin/pct snapshot $ctID $snapname done which has been running for years. A few days ago I...
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    [SOLVED] Snapshot running VM taking forever

    Hi, After updated to version 6.2 when I try to create a Snapshot from a VM is taking forever and not finish. I see the box Task - VMID - Snaphost, behind Preparing but stay this way. If I stop the snapshot routine, the VM stay locked and with a Snapshot saying Delete that never disappear...
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    [SOLVED] Grey unknown status

    Hi, I have been having an issue with the web interface of proxmox showing my node and all vm/containers running on it as having an "unknown" status with grey ? marks. This seems to happen a few hours after every reboot of the server. Restarting pvedaemon, pveproxy, pvestatd does not seem to...
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    Snapshot failure / Web interface connection issues

    Hi, I have recently inherited a proxmox server which unfortunately seems to be having a number of issues, and with only a basic linux knowledge I am as far unable to find the causes: Currently snapshots are scheduled to be taken every day, but for some reason fail causing the containers to stay...


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