1. R

    Simple SDN zone IPv6 HowTo?

    Hello, we want to setup Simple SDN zones with IPv6 but can't find any documentation about how to configure SLAAC or DHCPv6 for a Simple SDN zone in the WebUI. Goal: Netcup-VPS with two public static IPv4 addresses and two public static IPv6/64 prefixes -> Headscale VPN -> Proxmox VE node ->...
  2. M

    IPv6 woes with dynamic prefixes and SLAAC

    I am using Proxmox with several VLANs for VMs with an ISP that hands out dynamic IPv6 prefixes. Thus, my router gives router advertisements for different VLANs with their respective prefix. The VLANs are defined on the Proxmox host, where only one VLAN has an IPv4 assigned. So, I can connect...
  3. C

    Proxmox API - Post lxc - IpV6=auto

    Good evening, I wanted to try to POST a lxc with the api proxmox and putting in the net0 that: "net0":"name=vmbr0,ip6=auto,gw6=2001:470:c8fb:ffff::,gw=,ip=,rate=100" But when it creates my lxc, I look in the network tab and I have this: It does not replace auto with ipv6...
  4. Y

    [SOLVED] Unable to open console to Ubuntu 16.04 container on Proxmox 7.1 with systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0

    Hi, I'm trying to install a new container with Ubuntu 16.04 on Proxmox 7.1. According to, it is possible with customized boot options. I have followed recommendations and I can see that my kernel cmdline is properly updated...
  5. C

    BUG: machine-id (/etc/machine-id) not unique in lxc containers

    bug: the id in /etc/machine-id is the same across multiple lxc containers with the same image affected services: systemd-network-d with slaac assisted dhcpv6 other services relying on machine-id to generate different types of identifiers expected behaviour: upon creation of new lxc...
  6. B

    Feature Request: IPv6 privacy extensions

    For network interfaces whose addressing is controlled directly by PVE (i.e., host nodes, containers), there should be an option (enabled by default) for IPv6 privacy extensions. Preferably, this option could be toggled regardless of IPv6 addressing mode (static / SLAAC / DHCP) (on systems using...


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