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    Number of disks on Ceph storage?

    Currently, I have 1 disk in each server(total 3) used for Ceph shared storage. I noticed that if 2 out of 3 disks are not working then complete ceph will also stop working. I am not sure if the same (n/2 +1) formula works here as well. Why It is concerning is because we are using CephFS as...
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    last missing enterprise feature (on shared block storage / SAN)

    Hi, I know that there is already "LVM over iSCSI/FC" for shared block storage (SAN) which carves out LV from a shared VG/LUN for individual VM disks - but with no snapshot and thin provisioning support my question is why is there no (extended) storage plugin which provides 1.) "QCOW2 over/on...
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    Convert ESXi to Proxmox

    Server - 2x CPU / 768 GB RAM / 6x 1gbe NICs / 2x 10Gbe NIC's Storage - Very High end flash storage Networking - 2x Switches for "server access" (iLO / iDrac + back end server network) -- we will call this management - 2x Switches for "Trunk Network" (VM's live here) -- we will call this VM...
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    [SOLVED] Shared SAN inkl. Snapshots Unterstützung

    Hallo zusammen, gibt es aktuell Pläne einer Verwirklichung von SAN (iSCSI / SCSI) Support mit Snapshot Funktion bzw. den offiziellen Support eines shared Filesystems um qcow2 verwenden zu können? Falls nicht, gibt es eine Empfehlung welches shared Filesystem hier evtl. gut und sicher in einer...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox mount Cephfs on linux VM

    root@pve1:~# sudo cat /etc/ceph/ceph.conf [global] auth_client_required = cephx auth_cluster_required = cephx auth_service_required = cephx cluster_network = fsid = 5dcbd126-d511-4e12-a653-fee67d7ec467 mon_allow_pool_delete =...
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    How to use Ceph storage for directory sharing between two VMs on separate node.

    Example- **************** Cluster- node 1-> has VM-1(on local storage) node 2-> has VM-2(on local storage) I am already using Ceph and HA. I want to use VM-1 and VM-2 "tmp" directory to be synced. I was thinking of mounting some storage from the Ceph storage pool in VM-1 and VM-2 for...
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    Proxmox, Fibre Channel, and 3PAR

    Hello. So I've gone through what I think are the docs regarding PROXMOX and fibre channel presented LUN's. I'm using an older 3PAR 7200 in my lab, attempting to get shared storage between a PROXMOX cluster. So far, I have a fully operational cluster with a shared NFS volume, which performs...
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    [SOLVED] What happens when one of the raided disks dies in a 3-server HA system?

    Indeed, Proxmox will not work when 2 out of 3 disks die in shared storage. My question is what happens when 2 disks in servers are RAID 1(shared storage) and one of the disks from two servers die? Will the Proxmox server use the raided disks or will it die?
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    [SOLVED] Cehp degraded and did not add back automatically.

    We had an issue and removed one out of 3 disks used for HA. The system is working fine, but when we tried to add the disk back. Ceph shows drive 'in' but it is not adding it to the pool automatically for read/write. I pressed 'start' and checked the log which shows '33.333%' degraded. Used CLI...
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    How to live migrate VMs?

    I am already using HA, Ceph, 10G network, and shared storage. I noticed my VMs are restarting.
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    I have one server with two NVME drives. What is the best practice on making them a shared storage between Proxmox servers?

    Hello dear Proxmox forum members, I am planning to create two Proxmox servers, server1 (low spec) and server2 (high spec), both OS on ssd drives. On server2, I will install two 1TB NVME drives. These drives I want to unite them and make them available as a shared storage between the two...
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    Recommends for storage type to Synology NAS

    We have PVE running, with VMs and Containers running over NFS share to our Synology. We mostly leveraged VMs, so at the time I hadn't realized that Snapshots on NFS for containers would be an issue. Now I am starting to use LXC more often and would like to be able to have snapshots. The options...
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    What about LVM+qcow2

    Hi, This is an idea that makes a lot of sense to me, yet I'm not able to find people talking about it so it's probably a bad idea. Still I would love to know why it's bad. Before anyone asks, no I'm not planing on using this in production. According to the docs PVE supports shared LVM storage...
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    NFS Shares on shared network storage

    Hello, I'm setting up a new proxmox server for myself (homelab). I am in the process of adding a synology share that I had setup on my old lab and i'm wondering which option(s) would I need or recommended to just give read access to my proxmox server in the Content drop down? Thank you.
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    Recommendation Request: Dual Node Shared Storage

    Had a client request a fully redundant dual-node setup, and most of my experience has been either with single node (ZFS FTW) or lots of nodes (CEPH FTW). Neither of those things seem to work well in a dual node fully redundant setup. Here's my thinking, wanted to see what the wisdom of the...
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    [SOLVED] Shared storage (nfs) in a cluster not online.

    Hi I am trying to create a shared storage (nfs) to a Truenas machine in a 2 machine VE 8.x cluster. I have direct 25Gb connections between the VE hosts and the Truenas host I have updated the hosts file on the proxmox hosts and confirmed I can ping CIRRUS (truenas) from both hosts...
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    [SOLVED] need help setting up shared LVM and Multipath

    Hello community! There are two servers with one shared storage system via FC. I set up a shared LVM and a multipatch. I have doubts that everything is configured as needed. Proxmox version 7.4-3 I moved a number of vm with disks to these nodes, they were positioned very strangely. Some went...
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    VM Storage: Shared storage VS. failover to local drives on nodes in cluster

    Hello, I'm in the process of planning out a 3-node cluster for failover and high availability and have a question about where to store the VMs. Assume the following; All servers are on a 10GB backbone All servers have SSDs for OS and data drives All 3 PVE nodes are identical. Same...
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    4 identical nodes | I need some recommendations

    Hello! I currently have 4 identical dedicated servers, each with: 2x E5-2680v4 192GB of RAM 6x 1.2TB SSD 2x 10Gbps SFP+ My question is: What is the recommended setup so that the data is replicated at least once (similar to RAID1 or RAID10, ceph shared storage with 3 nodes) and at the same time...
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    Storage Menu

    hi i need explanation about this function ? Checklist on "Shared" function thank you for want to answer ... ^_^


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