sata controler passthrough

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    SATA controller passthrough to TrueNas VM.

    My SATA controller is in it's own IOMMU group, Currently there are 2 SSD's connected on the board (HP Elitedesk 800 G5). IOMMU group 4 00:14.2 RAM memory [0500]: Intel Corporation Cannon Lake PCH Shared SRAM [8086:a36f] (rev 10) IOMMU group 5 00:16.0 Communication controller [0780]: Intel...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] some issues with sata controller passthrough:"Failed to open /dev/vfio/11: No such file or directory"

    Good evening, everyone! I recently tried to switch from an Intel platform to an AMD platform (because AMD's consumer-level platform has better ECC support). However, I encountered some issues when attempting to pass through the SATA controller to a guest VM. After following the relevant...
  3. V

    Identifying PCIe SATA Controller

    Hello, I am having a bit of trouble working out what to do with a newly installed PCIe SATA controller in my Proxmox VE. I have installed this card and it connects to 2x HDD hot swap bays on the front of my box. I have confirmed it is working, proxmox sees a drive I have in the bay and lists it...
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    Passthrough of onboard SATA controller on AMD B550/X570

    Hi, in my current setup on Intel C236 chipset with Xeon CPU I do a PCI passthrough of the on-board SATA controller to a TrueNAS VM, which works really great. I think about to replace the system with AMD hardare (Ryzen Pro with B550/X570) but I had read, that it maybe not possible to...
  5. G

    Onboard SATA Controller passthrough?

    I've been running Proxmox for close to a year now and it's been rock solid. I currently have an OMV VM with 2 HDD passthrough. Just recently I found out that I can passthrough the entire SATA controller and I want to do that. Hope you guys can help me with some questions related to it. My...
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    [SOLVED] Only 8xMB/s writes when SATA controller is passed through

    Hi all, I tried to PCI passthrough a SATA controller (not the onboard one) to my vm and found a significant performance drop, the write speed was dropped to 8x MB/s. But when I mount it directly on PVE, the writing speed came back to normal. Can someone help me on this issue? Thank you! Here...
  7. N

    SATA Passthrough without RAID Controller IT Mode

    Hello, it is possible without RAID Controller in IT Mode several SATA hard drives to a VM like Openmediavault? Would this work with a SATA adapter?
  8. J

    FreeNAS pcie/sata passthrough

    hi all, I am planning to setup a freeNAS VM and pass through the relevant controller. my setup: - supermicro x10sdv-6c - 1x m.2 nvme for proxmox OS etc - 4x sata HDD to pass through to freeNAS my question now: would it make more sense to A: pass through the on-board sata controller to the...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] SATA controller passthrough crashes VM

    Hi, first of all I'm a newbie to proxmox. This is the first machine I setup running proxmox so please be patient with me :) I'm currently trying to set up a TrueNAS VM. The TrueNAS VM on itself is working just fine until I try to pass through the SATA controller with my 4 drives. When running...
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    Xeon D-1528 on-board SATA passthrough failure

    I'm trying to pass through the on-board SATA controller on a Supermicro X10SDV-6C-TLN4F, which has a Xeon D-1528. Passing through the SATA controller to a VM is possible, the VM sees the attached drives, but actually mounting/formatting/repartitioning/... them results in boatloads of errors. It...
  11. R

    Proxmox Windows VM which is the best hard disk setting?

    Hello, I would like to install windows server 2016 on proxmox. my server have two ssds. i use qcow2 but wich is the best ide, sata or virtio and discard enable or disable? i have no lvm storage. can you give me a quick answer? thanks!
  12. B

    Pcie passthrough SATA controller and boot to disk

    Hi, I managed to make the GPU passthrough in a Windows 10 virtual machine. For SATA passthrough and more precisely the SATA controller, I block. Of course, the controller is connected in one of the slots of the motherboard in pcie x1. Indeed, I want my virtual machine to see the drives as they...


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