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    [TUTORIAL] 500 Internal Server Error: mount points configured, but 'rootfs' not set - aborting

    Dear All, I'm new in proxmox 7.4-3. I deploy automation in ansible. Everything is fine, ct is creating, but when i add "mounts:" : mounts: '{"mp0":"local:8,mp=/mnt/test/"}' i see the following error: fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Creation of lxc VM 205...
  2. J

    VE-Unable to boot ZFS (raid1) as root file system

    Hello, The server has been working properly for 2 years. At some point it stopped working and hung. When I tried to restart it, it went into a boot loop that I don't know how to get out of. I don't know how I can open a terminal session so that I can analyze the server. I attach photos of the...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Unable to boot ZFS (raid10) as root file system

    Dear all! I just tried to install my Proxmox VE 7.1 with ZFS as my root file system. I am using an Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 Server with a Lenovo 530-8i (LSI 9440-8i) flashed to IT-Mode (LSI 9400-8i) and 4 x Intel S4610 960GB SSD Drives attached to it. The installation was done using UEFI Mode...
  4. I

    LVM Thin vs ZFS root pool

    I have a 2U server with a rear drive caddy that supports 2x2.5" drives. I also have 2x 500GB HDDs that I sourced from older laptops. So I thought I'd setup a ZFS mirror as my boot pool and also use the remaining space for my VMs as they would be faster since they would be local. Secondly I can...
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    [RESOLVED]Proxmox with btrfs raid1 rootfs

    I simulate disk fail on the raid1 btrfs which is also my root for proxmox ve 7.1-7. When one of the disk failed, the system will not boot. It stuck at initramfs, i am unable to mount the system as the initramfs does not have mount.btrfs The system will boot normally with both disk exits...
  6. Y

    Does Proxmox support LXC dir backend ?

    Hi, With LXC, I can have : Host : /data/vm/rootfs And the LXC VM boot on /data/vm/rootfs, which is a simple directory on the host. How to do the same thing under Promox ? I can create a raw file to become the rootfs then add with : pct set <id> -mp0 /data/vm/rootfs/home,mp=/home,backup=0 But...
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    format / reset rootfs disk in container

    Dear Community, When I provision a LXC container in Proxmox, it is quite difficult to reset it to an initial state. I want to override the rootfs with a clean image from the template and reinitialize the basic setup Proxmox does (like install SSH keys, configure network). The reason for this...
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    Any way around raw storage on container creation?

    I was wondering why Proxmox defaults to a raw rootfs when I create a new container. In fact, there seems to be no way around it. However, I really want to be able to directly access my files. They are on a nfs share backed by zfs so the raw image keeps me from using snapshot, rollback, clone...
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    Create Container Storage Device from Command Line

    What is the proper way to create storage devices for containers from the command line? I did not find enough info in the wiki command line tools talking about this. Example, I wish to create a container from the command line and seems I need to create the storage device first: pct create 103...
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    rootfs 100% no free inodes

    Hi all, I've got plenty of GBs free but df -i reports: root@server1:~# df -i Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounte d on rootfs 5029888 5029888 0 100% / udev 1023481 336 1023145 1% /dev tmpfs 1024970 317 1024653 1% /run /dev/disk/by-uuid/1c56ce75-4d63-4489-9fce-c257d5269afa...
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    Shrink LXC Container Storage

    Hi Everyone, My LXC Container have 1000 GB but I only need 150 GB. How can I shrink the storage? I used this pct resize 101 rootfs 150 unable to shrink disk size Can anyone explain me how can I shrink the LXC Container to only 150 GB. Best regards and thanks for help, Oliver


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