resource allocation

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    [Question]Setting up each guest user with multiple VM options

    Hello, I am planning to setup a private server cluster (for the first time) for my home computing purpose as we are heavy workstation users because having a single machine to maintain seemed less troublesome than managing multiple high-end desktop computers. Sorry for my ignorance if below...
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    Distributed workloads

    Hi guys! I was wonderring if Proxmox can somehow run at distributed workloads. For example let's say you have a cluster of 3 nodes of 512 GB of memory in total. Node 1 & 2 have 128 GB and the Node 3 has the rest 256 GB. Would it be possible to have VMs of high memory size to distribute theirs...
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    What exactly is memory usage?

    Hey, I have a few VMs running Ubuntu. When I log-in using SSH, then the VMs tell me this info: So the memory usage (from Ubuntu's perspective) is around 11%. Now when I look at the VM overview of Proxmox, I see this: So Proxmox is telling me that the memory usage of the databases VM is...
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    Resource Allocation Confusion

    I am quite new to Proxmox and I have been trying to read up on the subject of resource allocation, but I still find it difficult to determine the best practises. As an example I have recently set up Proxmox on a small computer with a 4 Core i3 CPU and 8GB RAM. I have configured 3 VMs; pfSense...
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    Resource allocation for Proxmox running Ubuntu Server VM on ZFS

    I'm setting up a Proxmox VE server primarily for running an Ubuntu Server VM with several Docker services / containers for file-/media-hosting, but having the added flexibility of begin able to run additional VMs / LXC containers if required. The thought is to install Proxmox on two regular...
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    Resource allocation configuration

    Hi, I'm new user on proxmox. so i have installed proxmox ve 4.4 on my laptop and successfully create 2 lxc with one cpu and 1gb memory for each lxc. so i'd like to try to put a scheduling management on resource allocation so i could use the maximum performance on both of my lxc. can anyone...


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