1. R

    VM fails to boot, shows emergency mode in Console

    I'm new to Proxmox and things had been going well. I have 2 Linux Mint VMs running and a Windows 11 VM which is not running. VM ID 102 (a Linux Mint VM) stopped booting and goes into Emergency mode instead (the other VMs work fine). So that puts me out of my wheelhouse as far as understanding...
  2. M

    Upgraded CPU, Windows 11 VM starts into repair when using "host"

    Went from an i5 10500 to an i5 13400. New motherboard and RAM as well. Virtualization activated from the bios. Proxmox boots fine. However, my Windows 11 VM is seen as running by Proxmox but Windows fails to start, and I end up in the repair page every time. The VM boots fine when I choose...
  3. L

    Need help on reinstalling web ui

    Hello I broke the webui very badly trying to install a classic theme from this website and I need help fixing the web ui because now it looks like this.. please help I need this fixed.
  4. J

    [SOLVED] LVM Storage Accidentally Deleted

    Hello Everyone, We made a mistake and without going into details, our two large storages from the cluster primary server were deleted. However, through some miracle, and because all of the virtual machines / containers were running at the time no data has been lost (yet). Everything remains...
  5. G

    Check of pool vmdata/vmstore failed (status:1). Manual repair required

    Hi! I'm running Proxmox as a base for my home lab setup, and today I noticed one of my VMs didn't start up again after a power outage. Found this error in PVE web ui: kvm: -drive file=/dev/vmdata/vm-100-disk-0,if=none,id=drive-scsi1,format=raw,cache=none,aio=native,detect-zeroes=on: Could not...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Help - Proxmox VE server fails boot after power outage

    Hi, after power outage I face this issue: Proxmox VE server fails to boot. I started Live-CD, mounted LVM-root and boot partition and chroot in the system. However there are many commands not available, e.g. ls mount pvs ... I can install packages like coreutils, lvm2, ... but this does not...
  7. E

    How to repair Proxmox without touching the pve-data lv?

    I lost the pveproxy webUI when I tried to install docker based upon someone's instructions for ProxmoxVE 5.x on the web and then did a "apt update && apt full-upgrade". I tried to reinstall the proxmox-ve package as if I was installing proxmox on Debian as per the official description but only...
  8. E

    zpool errors: Permanent errors have been detected in the following files:

    Hi Everybody. I have been using proxmox for about 3 years. I have about 40 proxmox dedicated servers I've created about 400 virtual servers in these 40 servers and i had no problems. I started to see errors in some of the proxmox servers last week ZFS mirror 1 two SSD Disk. and i tried...
  9. D

    BIOS reset & thin pool stopped working

    After a bios reset I'm not able to use any of the virtual machine drives from the thin pool. I've tried following instructions for repair: lvconvert --repair pve/data But I get the error Only inactive pool can be repaired. I need to figure out how to make all of them inactive to do the...


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