1. W

    Virtual Disk with Real disks in RAIDZ1 for Truenas

    I have one primary disk for running VMs (3.8TB Samsung pm9a3 u.2) and two 1tb nvme SSDs (Samsung 980 pro). I want to create a Truenas core/scale VM using 1TB virtual disk from primary disk and 2x 1TB nvme in Raidz1 to get 2TB usable space from my NVME drives. My usecase is just to use them as a...
  2. V

    Changing OS-installation disks

    Hello I have an installation where the OS runs on a raidz1 and has one bad disk: pool: rpool state: ONLINE status: One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error. An attempt was made to correct the error. Applications are unaffected. action: Determine if the device...
  3. T

    Filesystem: ZFS (RAID1) vs ZFS (RAIDZ-1)

    TL;DR ZFS RAID1 vs RAIDZ-1? Hello comrades, After a long trip with Proxmox 6 its time to move on to 7 now. Trying a new clean install i found the BTRFS implementation (not interested for now) and an old intrigue that I could never answer. -Why on the Filesystem options i get options like ZFS...
  4. O

    Im ZFS-Pool (raidz1) fehlt ca. 1/3 des freien Speicherplatzes

    Hallo liebes Forum, vielleicht kann mir einer von Euch das erklären: Ich habe ein raidz1 Pool mit 33,77 TB erstellt und darin 2 Disks ( 21,47 TB und 0,5 TB ) erstellt. Als verfügbar wird mir 1,07 TB angezeigt. Da fehlen mir gut 10 TB. Kann mir jemand erklären, wo die geblieben sind? Dank...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Langsame writes/reads mit ZFS raidz1

    Hallo Forum, ich habe ein neues raidz1 mit drei USB 3.0 Festplatten (PMR) eingerichtet und erreiche nur äußerst magere Lese-/Schreibwerte. Ich hätte hierbei mit mindestens dem 10-fachen Durchsatz gerechnet, da die Festplatten im Einzelbetrieb die erwarteten Durchsätze liefern. Mein System ist...
  6. J

    Backup data storage pool

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding backups, that doesn't seem to be too common. I use proxmox at home on my own little server / in a 2-3 node cluster. Since the server is a home server, it houses quiet some files that i would like to back up one way or another. These files are stored...
  7. M

    ZFS storage disk image using more space then expected

    I'm hoping someone can help me make sense of my storage usage. I have a single node of Proxmox VE 6.1-7. I have a ZFS raidz1 of 9 4TB disks. after parity, I have 28.18 TiB but when I add a disk image to a VM I can't use anywhere near that much space. the only content on the ZFS storage is a 14.6...
  8. S

    Proxmox 6 on home NAS - SLOOOWWWW

    I decided to test Proxmox 6 on my home PC where I installed 4 HD (8Tb) that I setup with RAIDZ1. From the start the speed of the raid set was just terrible but I managed to speed it up somewhat by using "zfs set sync=disabled rpool". Now I'm testing other methods to speed up the setup. Maybe...
  9. A

    ZFS pool report wrong space usage on disk

    Hello every body! I'm very new to proxmox and facing a strange thing: I built a ZFS RAIDZ1 / RAID5 from 4 4TB drives for a total usable size of theorically 12 TB. Once formatted, there's 10.21 TB Usable for datas: Using Thick Provisionning - no snapshot running I have a VM with a virtual hard...
  10. John C. Reid

    Very high IO Delay on any load

    I am getting very high IO Delay on any kind of a load. It basically stalls all VMs. We are a web host and we have five CloudLinux/cPanel VMs (all with about 100 sites each), A Windows 2016/Plesk VM, and a CentOS7/Sentora VM running. When this happpens all sites stop responding, I get kernel:NMI...
  11. S

    ZFS fails to mount on boot following upgrade

    I have Proxmox 5.0-32 installed on a Dell R710 with a single RAIDZ1 array implemented across six 2TB disks. This array is shared between VMs, containers, and the Proxmox installation itself. I understand this configuration isn't ideal, but it is stable and performant enough for my needs -...


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