1. L

    Quota in a container

    Hi everyone, I've been fighting with my proxmox version 8.1.3 for a few days I created a volume group lvm (local-lvm) and a storage (volume-test) and then created a privileged container, with the quota service active. the result is that inside the container when I try to execute the quota...
  2. H

    Quota support for CPU, memory and storage for VMs

    Hi community, we currently plan to replace our existing hypervisor infrastructure with Proxmox. One of the requirements we have is the support for quotas (cpu, memory and storage) which we would like to assign to certain (LDAP) groups in Proxmox. Our developer teams should then be able to...
  3. N

    [QUESTION] One datastore per customer with a quota

    Good morning, I'm new to Proxmox Backup Server. I am taking over a project in the company where I work. Currently we have more than 150 Proxmox Virtual Environment servers, we are deploying an appliance of an application that we have developed. Currently we just have local backups with...
  4. S

    Quota on LXC

    Does any1 know how to get quota to work inside Debian 11 LXC container?
  5. J

    Quotas are not supported by unprivileged containers - could this work with the new mknod=1 option?

    I am wondering what the underlying cause is that makes quotas not work in unprivileged containers? I see with the latest proxmox that we now have nesting=1 and mknod=1 so I am wondering if quotas in unprivileged container might be possible now.
  6. H

    ZFS Quota vs. Refquota

    Currently Proxmox VE only enables us to set QUOTA (space used including snapshots), but in many setups it also makes sense to set REFQUOTA (space used excluding snapshots). I have deployed znapzend for automatic ZFS snapshoting and replication, but these automatic snapshots are eating up...
  7. E

    Quota broken in OpenVZ+ZFS (Proxmox 3.4-16/40ccc11c)

    Hi all, after many hours spent to understand why quota in OpenVZ in Proxmox 3.4 doens't work anymore, I found that it happens when OpenVZ container stays in a ZFS partition; the problem doesn't occur in EXT4 partition. I hope that you'll fix this issue because I believe that Proxmox 3.4 is the...


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