pve 6.3-3

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    after adding HA - pve nodes rebooting randomly every few hours.

    Hi, Since we applied the HA configuration in ProxMox 6.3-3 . The PVE nodes start randomly rebooting every few hours with no any reason. We reverted the setup, removing HA and quorum groups and system back to its normal state, however without HA. System has 5 PVE nodes. Please, advise.
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    [SOLVED] Firewall ignores traffic vlan

    Hi, PVE - 6.3-3 Guest OS - Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS netplan config: --- network: version: 2 ethernets: ens19: dhcp-identifier: mac dhcp4: true vlans: vlan5: accept-ra: false addresses: - id: 5 link: ens19 For...
  3. A

    API parse errors when lxc tags are null

    When testing the /nodes/{node}/lxc/{vmid}/config path for the API I noticed that a parse error is returned whenever the tags of a lxc instance are null. Regardless of the error being returned the tags are updated correctly in both the null -> defined and defined -> null scenarios. This same...
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    Cant change DNS settings of LXC Debian containers

    Hello! I'm trying to create OMV container and connect it to AD, but I can't change DNS setting from GUI. In GUI everything is set right (domain name and server) but in LXC /etc/resofv.conf still shows localdomain and dhcp dns server. This problem persist on Debian 9 and 10 templates but if I use...
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    ZFS Import fails during boot - systemctl reflects this but the pool is actually mounted once fully booted?

    I get the error "Failed to start Import ZFS pool new_ssd", but once Proxmox is up everything is available as expected. This is the only ZFS pool that throws errors. The error instructs me to check systemctl with the following command. root@TracheServ:~# systemctl status...
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    Latest upgrade interrupts host networking/open vswitch - PVE 6.3.-3

    To be clear, this was fixed with a reboot so this is just for the sake of documentation. I have virtualized pfsense and Open vSwitch on the proxmox host for L3 switching of my VMs. After upgrade, proxmox host nor any of my VMs could resolve any DNS requests regardless if they were on a tagged...
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    VM Backup Failure - Repeatable

    I'm experiencing a repeatable failure when trying to backup a VM Template. I'm using Proxmox v6.3-3, latest updates applied this morning. I'm performing these steps: Create a VM, any VM OS, any VM configuration (in my case: Win2019, OMVF/UEFI). Backup the VM (succeeds 100% of the time)...
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    proxmox 6.3-3 kernel 5.4.78-2-pve lack libata.force kernel parameter

    Hello, after installtion pve 6.3-3 with kernel 5.4.78-2-pve I got problemes with two disks connected to ASM1062. (The two SSDs are conntect to Intel chipset, the big data disks are conntected to the ASM1062.) The chip is know for timing problems so I dected and eleminates the errors on ubuntu...
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    Multipath-tools Errors in PVE 6.3 Updated

    Hi, I have install and configure 3 Nodes Cluster Proxmox Virtual Environment 6.3-3 with multipath-tools Installed: 0.7.9-3+deb10u1 and seeing following errors continuously. multipathd[10763]: get_alua_info: get_asymmetric_access_state returned -3 multipathd[10763]: sdi: couldn't get...
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    [SOLVED] Kein IOMMU trotz boot flag

    Ich habe das problem dass ich trotz der Intel_iommu=on flag im GRUB beim versuch meine gpu durch zu schleifen die MeldungNo IOMMU detected, please activate it.See Documentation for further information. bekomme außerdem sind alle geräte in der selben IOMMU gruppe


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