proxmox cloud-init

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    Cloud-init problem

    cloud-init config template is ignored when we start the new instance metadata usrdata qm set 101 --cicustom "user=local:snippets/101-userdata.yml,meta=local:snippets/101-metadata.yml" also problems with OpenSuse Leap and no support for .qcow2 images
  2. Y

    Cloud-init and Network Configuration Issue in Proxmox VE

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share an issue I encountered while working with Proxmox VE New versions (After 7.1) regarding cloud-init and network configuration. It seems that there have been changes in behavior from older versions, and I wanted to discuss this for the benefit of the community...
  3. S

    Cloud-Init registering DNS with template name.

    As per title.. have set up cloud-init for rapid VM creation, however the hostname change is occurring after the machine registers with the DNS server, resulting in the IP/MAC being associated with the template name instead of the VMs new name. I realise this is the DNS being bad at updating...
  4. M

    Help me setup Cloud-init in Proxmox

    Hi guys. I have installed Proxmox and Cloud-init for the server. I tried creating a virtual machine and installing Centos 7 with cloud-init available. But after running VPS it is stuck at Booting from Hard Disk. I tried running the same command as proxmox instructions in Cloud-init to test...
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    cloud-init hostname not working as expected [RHEL8/Rocky Linux/Centos 8]

    Hello I've searched the other topics but there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer and as far as i saw, noone mentioned the fqdn entry. i've configured a cloud-init ready image on rocky linux 8 (rhel8 clone) the network, public key and user work fine. when I mount the /dev/sr0 and have a...
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    How to stop creating a user on Cloud-init template?

    Virtualization: KVM Is there any way to stop creating a new default user on newly created VM using Cloud-init template? Right now on my centos cloud-init template created by me has this config # nano /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg system_info: default_user: name: centos lock_passwd: false...
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    Cloud-init - User root password blank

    Hi Guys, I wonder if someone could help me, I have been struggling for about a week to get proxmox to set a vm's password though whmcs. I have honestly exhausted everything I can think of. From debugging the 'cloud-init.log' files to trying multiple cloud ready images all which have the same...
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    Problem with cloud image template ubuntu 20.04

    Hello everyone I get some problem with creation template for VM. I use storage dell ME4012 which connected to PVE using ISCSI. I used the guide List of commands: I get error during importing cloud-image to storage: but, i read that is`t...
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    How do I properly prepare a Cloud-Init image for CentOS 7?

    Hello everyone, I'm struggling to properly prepare a CentOS 7 Cloud-Init image, there doesn't seem to be an already prepared image like on Ubuntu and many tutorial are extremely different from each other and I just can't find a way to do this... I've searched for so many tutorials, yet none of...
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    Pass cloud-init without access to proxmox machine

    Hi, I encounter some issue when I tried to find a way, to pass cloud-init to machine with ansible and connect to API. Actually I using this ansible module: There are my tasks: --- - name: "Clone CentOS" proxmox_kvm...
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    [SOLVED] API request with curl

    Hi, this is my very first message on this forum so excuse me if I do something wrong. I'm currently trying to change the cloud-init parameter (ipconfig) by using curl. I've tried several request and the latest was something like this : curl -s -k --cookie "PVEAuthCookie=$ticket" -H...
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    How can I convert qcow2 to a template.

    I've downloaded the centos cloud image(Already included cloud-init tool) from the official site. I want to convert qcow2 to a template, what should I do, either I don't know how to import qcow2 to create a VM.
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Can't get working ubuntu cloud images.

    Hi, I wanted to try out ubuntu cloud images by following this documentation. However 4th command is not working. ``` # download the image wget # create a new VM qm...
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    Template with Cloud-Init disk does not work properly after upgrade.

    Using Cloud-Init Support manual. After update, creating new instances from template does not clone cloud-init disk. This leads to the fact that a new instance is not operational. The workaround for this problem is to re-create the Cloud Init disk on each new instance. BTW, is it bug or feature?
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    lvm cloud-init devices not avaiable after stop

    Hello everyone, I have configured a new proxmox server, I have attached an lvm storage and I have configured a template with a cloud-init device support. Whenever I stop a KVM guest, the lvm devices go to not avaiable state, I know this is normal because proxmox manage lvm devices on demand...


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