proxmox backup

  1. Immutable backups

    Hi every one, All is in the title or almost ;-) Is it possible to configure it ? If yes, how can I do it ? Regards PS : My environment : Proxmox and Proxmox Backup
  2. Mysql corruption

    I've got three mysql vms, running on latest proxmox. Server version: 10.6.5-MariaDB-1:10.6.5+maria~focal-log binary distribution. db1 - master, runs fine. db2 - slave, runs fine, no apparent corruption, passes mysqlcheck etc I am running backup to a proxmox backup server, but when...
  3. Proxmox VM BackUP bleibt stehen.

    Hallo, ich habe eine VM auf meinem Proxmox Cluster wo ein NAS System drauf läuft. Meine HDD habe ich via passthrough eingebunden und dies funktioniert soweit auch ganz gut. Nur sobald ich ein BackUP starte bleibt es hier stehen: Task viewer: VM/CT 100 - Backup AusgabeStatus Stopp INFO...
  4. Huge size of LXC backup using Proxmox Backup

    Environment: $ pveversion pve-manager/6.4-13/9f411e79 (running kernel: 5.4.143-1-pve) # proxmox-backup-manager versions proxmox-backup-server 2.1.2-1 running version: 2.1.2 Replication process (from one pve node to another): The size is about 1.29G and the time ~20 seconds. 2022-01-04...
  5. Directory not empty at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ line 1067

    Hello Guys, I'm having an issue while backing up VM to a mnt drive. See error bellow: cannot remove directory for /mnt/backup/tobackup/dump/vzdump-qemu-102-2021_09_16-12_53_20.tmp: Directory not empty at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ line 1067. ERROR: Backup of VM 102 failed - unable to...
  6. proxmox backup replication? (second twin off site)

    finally i revived the hardware for our first BBS, and before installing i would like to ask some questions to know what is the best approach to meet our requirements backup lxc\vms (that that pbs is designed to ) 1. what is the best method to do : nfs share to store vm backups (hyper-v...
  7. Proxmox-backup-client failed : Error: EACCES: Permission denied (500)

    Hello guys ! I rely on you because I have a problem ! I have 4 servers on which PBS is installed. On this 4 servers, two of them can no longer connect to PBS and their storages went to the status of "unknown" and when I go the "backup" tab, I read this error message ...
  8. [SOLVED] Unable to create backup group "/mnt/datastore/<datastore>" - Permission denied (os error 13)

    Greetings Proxmoxians I've just deployed a PBS server with a single ZFS datastore (zbackup in the backup log below) and cannot seem to figure out why backup tests are failing with these permission errors. The PVE cluster is authenticated against PBS with a user eeboo@pbs who has Admin...
  9. Backup Size Reporting

    Hey Guys, Ok so I have 1 EXTREMELY SMALL but EXTREMELY frustrating problem with proxmox backup server... First off... 1 Million bonus points to Proxmox team for building the software and getting it to run so smooth! I need to determine how I'm going to structure our backups... But I can't see...
  10. iothread for vm backup

    I would like to know if it's fine to set iothread to 0? I've just noticed that some of my backups failing causes of iothread was set to 1. any suggestions are greatly appreciated
  11. do you have an estimation when the beta stage will end?

    I have read about it, and i wane to use it on our core cluster to backup all lxc and vms. but waiting for the "beta" to finish. anyone got an estimation ?
  12. Proxmox CT backup to NFS Backup job finished with errors

    I try to backup OpenVZ to NFS server, but show error please help me sir ================================================================ Virtual Environment 5.4-3 Container 102 (testdebian9) on node 'sirius-idplasawebhost' (backup) Logs () INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 102 --node...


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