proxmix 7.1

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    Hi All, I want an expert advise to setup HA/Cluster to minimize downtime as much as possible, can anyone suggest me on this in respect of hardware(Server, Storages) Networking as well as software like which kind of filesystem is recommended over here, for an idea we have several customized...
  2. G

    TrueNAS VM - using vdisk for LOG cache.

    Hallo all, Short question about my TrueNAS vm. According to this video: cache for log is speeding-up the performance. I dont have a complete nvme drive left to passtrough but could or should i use an virtual-disk for this job? Thnx in advance!
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Boot drive disappeared

    I noticed my install of proxmox not working once I got the iDRAC 6 virtual console to work. I rebooted the server, and the boot drive is gone. I booted into GParted, and the boot device doesn't show up there either. For specs I am running my host from a samsung 256GB usb in the internal...
  4. C

    Clonezilla fails to start

    I'm trying to be smart, and do a bare-metal backup of my Proxmox VE. But clonezilla is failing to start. I'm trying to simply backup the entire boot disk for my PVE. Should just be the device "nvme0n1", which happens to have three partitions on it. That's how Proxmox configured it. But...
  5. J

    The road to master Selfhosting! Lost ? Come here I will help you with your First steps !

    Are you New to selfhosting? Are you looking for the ultimate Guide for home labs? Come here my Friend, I am also a month old into selfhosting rabbit hole, and I am not regretting my time at all as I learned a lot ! I will try to discuss what I run through and give the headers for you to start...
  6. S

    machine hidden after joining cluster

    Dears , I have a proxmox cluster , i added new node to this cluster , the node supposed have 10 virtual machines , I found all the machine hidden , but I tried to access the one of the virtual machine I found it working properly , I think it's hidden for some reason . kindly help me to...
  7. W

    Mails released from quarantine fail with 550 5.7.1 Error

    We receive the error below when attempting to release an email from quarantine. Can someone please assist with this? Reporting-MTA: dns; mgw.domain.local X-Proxmox-Queue-ID: 9E07BB61542 X-Proxmox-Sender: rfc822; postmaster@mgw.domain.local Arrival-Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2022 12:41:29 +0300 (EAT)...
  8. J

    Ceph - slow ops for nvme OSD

    I've got a small problem - I wanted to swap servers in my Proxmox 7.1 cluster. Removing node pve002 and adding the new pve005 was working fine. Ceph was healthy. But now I try to shutdown pve004 and set the last nvme to out there, I get 19 PGs in inactive status because the new osd.5 in pve005...
  9. powersupport

    RBD error

    Hi, When I am listing rbd ls -l cephpool getting error as below rbd: error opening vm-121-disk-0: (2) No such file or directory This VM is not exists in the server. how to delete the same Thank you.
  10. S

    LXC Container old Versions available

    Hello everyone, i was testing out some options to bring my services from VMs to LXC containers, unfurtnatly the available templates arent up-2-date. The alpine is from last year and the available one on is from the 03.05.2022 and is the new 3.15.4 instead...


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