1. S

    Festplatten von Thick in Thin umwandeln

    Hallo Zusammen, ich bin absoluter Neuling im Proxmox Umfeld. Hab einen Host und einen lokaeln zfspool. Hab 5 Linux VMs deployed für verschiedene Dienste. Jetzt ist mir aufgefallen, dass der Speicherplatz schon relativ schnell belegt wurde. Mein Fehler: Hatte unter Storage - zfspool den Haken...
  2. P

    Cloud-init ready image fails to set login credentials from a terraform script

    Hi, I would like to provision basic architecture consisting of several master, agent and balancer VMs, totaling at 8 resources. All of the VMs are to be cloned from a prepared cloud-init ready VM template using a Terraform script. When cloning from a template with login credentials already...
  3. T

    Proxmox ignores custom cloud-init from --cicustom paramter (tested with Ubuntu/CentOS)

    Hi, I'm getting crazy to create a vm provisioned with cloud-init. Here is what i do: # create template wget qm create 9000 --name centos-ci --memory 2048 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0 qm...
  4. S

    question about best practice for vm's config of ip/gw/nameservers

    Hi, I have a question about best practice in the Proxmox world. We have Ansible here creating and deleting VM's. But from there, we want to assign ip, assign gateway, assign name server, etc. to the newly created VM and then we will Ansible everything inside that too. So somewhat like the...
  5. S

    Configuring Proxmox server with Ansible

    Hi, I've created an account on the server but would like to ensure I open up all the necessary ports so that I can use Ansible to configure and ssh to access the console itself. Not speaking of the individual VM's. That's not a problem. But the server. Can someone refer me to the right...
  6. M

    Vm kvm+provisioning

    Hello, I installed the latest version of proxmox ve. All is ok. I created a first vm kmv (ubuntu srv) I selected HDD 40GB but, the file created is less than 40GB. I understand the virtual HDD will grow up with what I will fill. But, I would like provisioning this size on the host HDD. How can I...
  7. M

    Provisioning windows VMs

    Hi, I've succesfully built some nice Windows templates, but depending on role I want to install and preconfigure some software on each linked clone during first run. Typically people use Vagrant and packer for this - any idea what is the simplest way to do this without polluting my proxmox...
  8. A

    Ansible Playbook to Provision from a Template Examples?

    Hey, I am new to Proxmox VE and although I have some experience with Ansible, I am still a newbie. I recently blew away my installation of ESXi from my Dell T5500 because I want to learn more about provisioning boxes etc via Ansible (and ESXi doesn't support templates with out vCenter etc). I...
  9. J

    Startup/ Init Script / Bootstrap provisioning on lxc

    Hi All, I feel like I'm missing something blatantly obvious, but I can't seem to find it. I would like to automate the process of creating a Centos LXC, boostrapping it, then running the provisioning. The hang up is the Centos 7 LXC doesn't have openssh-server installed by default. Which I...
  10. J

    Auto Provisioning and IP Assignment Provisioning script

    Hi All, I've been working hard to make the job of provisioning and assigning ips easier. So I'd like to share a little script I've made that I hope some of you will find it helpful in your mission to automate the world. I apologise to mods if this isn't the right section. The reason I...
  11. L

    Creating VMs automatically - ansible, vagrant, API .. ?

    Is anyone on here provisioning and configuring VMs on Proxmox, in a programmatic way? I'm hoping to get something going with vagrant, ansible, etc, and/or perhaps the Proxmox API. I have several proxmox nodes in a cluster. Specifying a KVM template, hardware specifics (disk size, VLAN id etc)...


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