1. A

    Patching PVE on update

    I have a small patch for PVE (adds a 10 minute timeout to booting VMs during backup), which I have been manually applying and re-applying after each PVE update. The re-applying is getting a bit tedious, so I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions on how to save this patch for...
  2. B

    Add ECC Patch AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 CPUS

    Hello! I wanted to add the patch to get full ecc support on the Ryzen Pro 5650G CPU explained in this thread: Because the patch will be available earliest in Kernel 5.17. So I've installed the kernel-headers and in tried the following in the...
  3. Z

    OVSPatchPort patch ovs_type availability for OpenVSwitch

    Would be nice if Proxmox add option to handle patch ports for OpenVSwitch in UI. I achieved a working configuration by: /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto enp2s0 iface enp2s0 inet manual ovs_type OVSPort ovs_bridge vmbr0 auto vlan100 iface vlan100...
  4. A

    Restart Query

    Whenever I start my Proxmox Server it ask me to press F1 to Continue and F2 to delete Is there any way to stop this or am I doing anything wrong or the installation went wrong?? Everything is working fine but this is the issue I'm facing everyday when I start my Server. Currently I'm using...
  5. M

    Compile own kernel with patches

    Hi, Is there any documentation how can I compile my own kernel and apply proxmox patches? I was trying to use one from proxmox github but this only can be used for 4.15 not for the latest... Best regards, Morbious
  6. T

    Patch intel_iommu driver fails

    Hey guys, need your help, I'm really stuck on this. First time I try to create and apply a kernel patch, so don't get mad at me ;) I follow this guide to patch...
  7. BelCloud

    QEMU update. reboot?

    Hello I've seen some vulnerabilities in qemu-kvm, that were recently patched. For ex, CVE-2017-7980 In the redhat announcements, i saw they require a stop of all VMs for the update to take effect. Do we need to follow the same procedure when proxmox updates the qemu? Or it's patched in...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Is ACS_Override Needed For My PCIe-Passthrough Setup?

    Hello, I am testing PCIe Passthrough on a friend's Proxmox machine (kernel: 4.4.44-1-pve) before I purchase any hardware for myself so I wanted to ask before moving forward with patching the kernel if that becomes necessary. I'm currently trying to initiate GPU PCIe Passthrough to a Windows VM...
  9. G

    patch request - EDAC on skylake xeon

    To the developers: Can you update the pve-kernel with the patch for EDAC for the Skylake Xeon E3's? Thanks, -Greg
  10. M

    how to patch a productive cluster properly?

    Is it a problem if i want to create a cluster on an proxmox 4.2-5/7cf09667 and add an full updated proxmox 4.2-11/2c626aa1 as the second node? or do they need to have the same patchlevel? To ask different: How to patch a cluster propperly? just one after the other and the re-add themself...


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