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    [SOLVED] HBA Passthough not working after motherboard swap

    Hello, I have a proxmox machine with a TrueNAS core VM to which I was passing through (raw device) a HBA card with all of my hard drives and everything was working perfectly fine, I had my drives and ZFS pools. I just swapped out my motherboard from an Asus H510M-A Prime to a Gigabyte B560M...
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    8.2.2 - GUI Resources on a LXC

    Hello, Does anyone know of a guide (wiki, forum post, or YT video) that would help me better understand how to use this to pass through a usb device and PCIe GPU? Thank you in advance.
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    [SOLVED] Keine IOMMU Groups für PCI Geräte

    Guten Tag, zu erst ein paar Infos: Zum System: ASrock b450m pro 4 R2.0 AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 32 GB RAM Proxmox 8.1.10 root@pve-02:~# dmesg | grep -e DMAR -e IOMMU [ 0.379933] pci 0000:00:00.2: AMD-Vi: IOMMU performance counters supported [ 0.381426] pci 0000:00:00.2: AMD-Vi: Found IOMMU cap...
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    PCI-passthrough Nvidia or Intel CPU GPU - why so hard?

    Years back I managed to make it happen installning the Nvidia drivers on the pve host under proxmox v6 or something. i recall that I read somewhere that this issue has been taken care of in v7 or 8. Today I installed v8.1 and what I can see nothing has changed. Is there a post/blog that...
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    PCI Passtrough A100

    I previously successfully passthrought a 4090 and 6800xt on this machine, but the A100 gives a weird error: kvm: -device vfio-pci,host=0000:84:00.0,id=hostpci0,bus=ich9-pcie-port-1,addr=0x0,rombar=0: vfio 0000:84:00.0: hardware reports invalid configuration, MSIX PBA outside of specified BAR...
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    [SOLVED] GPU passthrough - can see but not use

    Been bashing away at this for ~4 weeks so hitting up the forum for help.... Objective: Enable GPUpassthrough on server for use in Blender home render farm. Server; R710 24 core 72 GB RAM 2TB SSD total GPU GT 730 2GB (slim) Proxmox 8.1.3 VM of interest: Info: System has been running VMs fine...
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    USB PCI Karte durchreichen

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe ein eigenartiges Problem beim PCI Passthrough. Ich habe kürzlich zwei neue PCI Karten erworben, 4-Port USB 3.0 von CSL (Chip von VIA Tech.). Problem ist, dass der passthrough nicht sauber funktioniert. Hier ein paar meiner Beobachtungen: PCI Karte wird in PVE + VM...
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    [SOLVED] Move pass through disks to pass through sata controller

    Hello, I've got a Proxmox 8.0 setup with 4 disks passed through to a TrueNas Scale VM. This works perfectly, no issues. I have purchased more disks and a SATA controller. I moved all the physical disk connections (including the new disks) to this new controller and the pass throughs are still...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to boot after trying to setup PCIe passthrough - PVE 8.0-2

    NOTE: Quick fix use package "driverctl", not the same as early binding but pretty close. Thanks @leesteken Hello everyone I have been beefing up my storage, so the configuration works properly on PVE 7.x, but it doesn't work on PVE 8.0-2 (I'm using proxmox-ve_8.0-2.iso) My original HW config...
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    Asus ROG Strix 570 freezing after sometime on a windows 10 virtual machine

    Hello, i have been having a lot of weird issues lately with my gpu pass through on proxmox. I have a Asus ROG Strix RX570 4GB which is correctly blocked from loading on the host and yet the entire system freezes after some time on the windows 10 vm. Here is my vfio-pci.conf file which blocks...
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    PCI-E option not enabled when trying Nvidia PCI-E Passthrough.

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm trying to do a PCIE passthrough on an Nvidia GT 630 graphics card. I'm pretty stuck because I've tried a lot of options by following forums and youtube videos. None work for me. The fact is that I tryied the same operation with a 3060 TI that they lent me for the...
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    PCIE Passthrough of USB chipset is not stable

    Hello! Motherboard: GA-Z77X-UD3H CPU: E3-1275 V2 I've successfully passthroughed other PCIE devices on this host and to this VM and they are absolutely stable. I want to also passthrough the embedded VIA USB controller, so that a couple of the USB ports on the back which I use for external...


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