1. How do I migrate Proxmox 3.x openVZ containers to Proxmox 4.x LXC?

    I have just upgraded one of the Proxmox machines in a cluster from 3.4 to 4.2 following these instructions. Normal VMs have migrated correctly. We had to change hard drives from virtio to ide so that the machines would detect them but other than that, normal VMs migrated without much problem...
  2. Network config advice for VLANs

    Hi, I am moving my home network onto a set of VLANs to provide a bit more security - i.e. isolating my IP cameras and VOIP devices etc. I have a single PVE host (v3.4-6) with about 12 containers (all openvz). Everything is currently on Most of my containers have simple venet...
  3. Backup erfolgreich aber nur 1KB groß

    Hallo zusammen, das Backup eines OpenVZ-Containers ist beim mir nur 1KiB groß und enthält nur die Datei ./etc/vzdump/vps.conf. Die Log-Ausgabe des Backup-Jobs zeigt auch keinen Fehler an. Ich habe nun schon versucht das Backup mit den verschiedenen Kompressions-Verfahren zu erstellen...
  4. Problems understanding HDD sizes

    Hi to everyone, I had to admit that I am quite new using Proxmox. So far I've configured it and it's been running for a while. In fact, I have 2 servers running Proxmox separately. In the first one I use ZFS as a filesystem. In this case I have 2 x HDD (750GB each) on raid-1. The main thing...
  5. OpenVZ/Virtuozzo 7 and Proxmox

    Hi, now, after OpenVZ/Virtuozzo v7 is stable there is any plan to include it in next Proxmox releases? Regards,
  6. [Error] OpenVZ failed to Failover on Proxmox-3.4

    [Help] OpenVZ can't Failover On Proxmox ver-3.4 <-- failed but for KVM 100% success with drbd storage. and OpenVZ & KVM 100% success Live Migration.
  7. vmbr0 is working but not vmbr1 (OpenVZ vs KVM)

    Hi there, I have a problem with my configuration. Basically the vmbr0 has OpenVZ containers which are working as intended. I added a new KVM which I want to use on a different subnet and after reading for days I cannot come up with a working configuration. I think it has something todo with how...
  8. How to move/convert container on OpenVZ to lxc in Proxmox VE 4.1

    Hi all, Last hours, I was try Proxmox VE 4.1. And I have container OpenVZ Server on Centos 7, not on Proxmox VE 3.x. If possible, how to convert container OpenVZ Server on Centos 7 to lxc Proxmox VE 4.1. Sorry for my english not good. Thank you so much, for your attention.
  9. How to import openVZ Containers into Proxmox LXC?

    Hello! I have an old openVZ only (no Proxmox) machine running openVZ (vzctl version and want to migrate to my new proxmox 4 host system. I just uploaded the backup of the container and renamed it to vzdump-openvz-ID-Date+Time.tar and tried to import it. After some time it shows me...
  10. Centos5 on LXC

    Hello, i have to migrate a big Centos 5 Openvz VPS on a new Proxmox 4 LXC. My Idea was to create a base Centos5 VPS and than use rsync. ( less downtime ). When i try to create a LXC container Cento5: TASK ERROR: unsupported redhat release 'CentOS release 5.11 (Final)' How can i create a minimal...
  11. Permission error w/ sockets inside CT since migration to PVE 4.1

    I've migrated a number of hosts from PVE 3.4 to PVE 4.1 and I followed the instructions (stop CT, backup CT, copy backup, restore, reconfigure network). Most of my hosts use an internal init script to start an application server. That application server creates a socket, to which an internal...
  12. From OpenVZ to LXC with thin provisioning ?

    Hello, I'm migrating from proxmox 3.4 to proxmox 4.0 and therefore I'm migrating my containers to LXC. I see that LXC containers use raw disks. With OpenVZ, containers only used the necessary disk space, but now I have a container that uses the entire 4GB raw disk image when it only needs...


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