openid connect

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    401 Failed Login with OpenID and Keycloak

    I have the following realm in my cluster openid: master client-id proxmox issuer-url autocreate 1 client-key redacted default 0 scopes email profile username-claim preferred_username Linked to the main...
  2. A

    Keycloak latest with PVE 7.4-3

    Hello community, maybe some one can help me solve this issue. I have a PVE server with configured openID realm ~# cat /etc/pve/domains.cfg pve: pve comment Proxmox VE authentication server pam: pam comment Linux PAM standard authentication openid: [redacted] client-id...
  3. K

    OpenID Connect with Gluu Server

    Hi all, I'm trying to integrate Proxmox with our corporate Gluu Server using OpenID Connect for SSO authentication. However, similar to this thread, I'm getting the OpenID redirect failed. Failed to parse server response (500) error. domains.cfg # cat /etc/pve/domains.cfg pam: pam...
  4. R

    PVE 7.2-7 - Authentication Realms Openid Connect - Error

    Hello, following problem: I have configured an OpenID Connect Provider (under Realms) to login to Proxmox VE. When trying to login, i recieve this error: "OpenID redirect failed. Request failed (500)". After debugging (tcpdump) i found out that PVE tries to reach the OpenID Connect Provider...
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    OpenID Connect login fails (with Keycloak)

    I'm trying to setup OIDC in Proxmox, but I can't get it to work. When I try to login with OIDC I get the error OpenID login failed, please try again authentication failure (401), in the logs of pvedaemon it says openid authentication failure; rhost=xxx msg=Failed to verify ID token: Signature...
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    OpenID 401 with Azure AD

    Hello, I recently upgraded to Proxmox VE 7.1-10 and am now receiving a 401 error when authenticating with Azure AD OpenID: I am redirected to Microsoft and the Azure AD logs state that the authentication was successful. However, I cannot log in. This seems to be restricted to Azure AD as I...
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    [SOLVED] Why does OpenID login require a lastname?

    Hello together! Wanted to set up an OpenID login, but unfortunately this does not work without errors. Everything is connected, redirect works, but why is required that a lastname is sent? I mean, why do we need that? We should only require a username in my opinion to log in. Is there a...
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    SSO with OpenID Connect not working

    Hi, I don't get SSO to work with Proxmox VE (and also PBS). Proxmox always redirects to the login form of the Provider (keycloak in my case) and asks for username and password, even if I am already logged in into keycloak. It seems that the URL-parameter "prompt=login", which is responsible...
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    Issue: OpenID redirect failed - Failed to parse server response (500)

    Hey, I've been fighting with trying to get OpenID connect working with Proxmox VE 7 for a little while now and I was wondering if anyone could lend me some insight into my issue here. After setting up my OpenID authentication backen/realm on both proxmox and Gluu (my IDP server) I get the...


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