open-vswitch networking

  1. A

    Proxmox 8 Upgrade Warning for Open vSwitch Cluster Network

    Hello, I'm just posting this so people have guidance on our experience on upgrading their clusters. I'll summarize what I did for it to be stable, and go through the details of how I got to this conclusion. Pre-upgrade Environment: Proxmox VE: 7.4 Kernel: 5.15 Open vSwitch Setup: Bond (LACP)...
  2. ThinkAgain

    migrating from simple network config to OpenVSwitch

    I'm planning to move my physical firewall into a proxmox VM. For this purpose, I need to "upgrade" my network config. Currently, Proxmox is connected to an access port on my switch. In the new config, proxmox shall be getting all VLANs for passthrough in an lacp trunk port to one VM. Current...
  3. 0

    Open vSwitch Mirror Select-All Configuration

    Hello, brief question. I've got a handle of technical details of port mirroring on Open vSwitch, but one question remains: With the select-all statement in the ovs-vsctl command, will this dynamically follow VMs and containers as they are started and shutdown? At any given time an interface...
  4. 9

    No inter host communications with OpenVSwitch

    Hi Community , I'm currently facing an issue with OpenVSwitch. 3 nodes are double attached on 2 Mikrotik switches. RSTP is enable on both switches. Our goal was to apply a similar config to exemple #4 based on the wiki example ( Except we don't have...
  5. T

    openwswitch on proxmox

    Hello, In the latest version of proxmox we see the possibility of using openvswitch bridges instead of the traditional linux bridge, I would like to install a new proxmox cluster entirely under Open vSwitch. Is the Open vSwitch project now well proven in production ...
  6. 0

    Persist OVS Port Mirror After Reboots

    I'll keep the post short and to the point: I have successfully configured a port mirror using ovs-vsctl. I have read somewhere that I can add the mirror to /etc/network/interfaces in order for it to persist reboots. However, I don't know the exact syntax to use. Can anyone advise how to add...
  7. J

    Latest upgrade interrupts host networking/open vswitch - PVE 6.3.-3

    To be clear, this was fixed with a reboot so this is just for the sake of documentation. I have virtualized pfsense and Open vSwitch on the proxmox host for L3 switching of my VMs. After upgrade, proxmox host nor any of my VMs could resolve any DNS requests regardless if they were on a tagged...
  8. S

    (N00B) Advise on how to split the network inside proxmox

    hi all, and sorry for the ( probably already answered ) noob question I am new to Proxmox and virtualization I just installed it on a small Desktop I have, It has one NIC The desktop is connected to my home switch ( default Broadband provider switch ) What would be the best way to make some...
  9. B

    Network setup with and without ovs

    Hello, I'm setting up a lab where I want to have "management" for proxmox in separate VLAN, so for basic configuration, my /etc/network/interfaces looks like that: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno5 inet manual iface eno6 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet manual...
  10. S

    Help configuring open-vswitch on Proxmox 6.1-3?

    We are trying to get open vswitch working on 10 hosts running Proxmox 6.1-3. We think we have a configuration that should work, but it doesn't and we can't ping the gateway. These are hosts with 4 nics, we want to bond them with LACP then establish a bridge where we can have virtual NICs on...


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