1. K

    Issues with nVidia vGPU since upgrading to kernel 6.5.13-5-pve

    Since upgrading from 6.5.13-3-pve to 6.5.13-5-pve I've noticed the issues with my VMs that I have my GTX1660Ti passedthrough to as a vGPU. I run Plex in a Docker container within a Ubuntu 22.04.4 VM. When I start a media file that requires hardware transcoding within Windows, it makes several...
  2. G

    NVIDIA driver to use virtio-gl

    Hi, All, My Proxmox host has an NVIDIA Quadro K2200. I installed NVIDIA drivers with the intention of using VirGL (virtio-gl) with some of my VMs. I installed the drivers using the binaries provided by NVIDIA themselves: https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/223426/en-us/ The...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Single GPU passthrough + NoVNC/Spice/SSH access?

    I have an AMD CPU with an nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 - as *only* GPU. The CPU doesn't have on-chip-graphics, so I have no onboard monitor output option. Is it still possible to passthrough my nvidia without breaking my setup? So that my bare-metal host becomes literally "headless" - and I access...
  4. L

    Mellanox Connect-X 5 weird performance issues over MPLS

    I feel like I need to give a bit of background here. We have two locations, one in Atlanta and one in Dallas. We have an MPLS connection between the two sites and redundant internet connection to separate firewalls and separate switches in both locations. The main focus is the MPLS connection...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] vGPU Nvidia Tesla "pci device 'xxx' has no available instances of 'xxx'"

    Hi zusammen, ich versuche meine Tesla P40 (24GB) an mehrer VM's durchzureichen. Kurzer Status Überblick: VMs: VM1: Windows 11 VM2: Debian Bookworm mdev: nvidia-57 (GRID P40-4A) nvidia-49 (GRID P40-4Q) VM1 hat die GPU als mediated device "nvidia-57". VM2 hat als mediated device...
  6. M

    LXC GPU Passthrough xorg

    Hy Leute Hab jetzt mehrer Tage damit verbracht meine GPU in LXC zu nutzen. Hab mich etwas an dieser Anleitung orientiert: https://jocke.no/2022/02/23/plex-gpu-transcoding-in-docker-on-lxc-on-proxmox/ NVIDIA Treiber im LXC funktioniert soweit. Transcoding auch. Mein Problem ist aber das ich...
  7. M

    PVE Host crashes with NMI on Guest reboot: Nvidia H100 PCIE GPU passthrough

    # PVE Host crashes with NMI on Guest reboot: Nvidia H100 PCIE GPU passthrough Hello! This Is my first post in this forum, i hope it it satisfies the quality and level of specificity required for this place. Unfortunately, i couldn't find a set of guidelines of what should / must be included in...
  8. L

    Only one of two NVIDIA GPUs works in a single VM

    Hello, we have a server with two NVIDIA GPUs (A100, L40s). After creating a new Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine, adding both GPUs and installing the nvidia-drivers I realized, that only one shows up in nvidia-smi. In the following you can see the output of lspci | grep -i nvidia and sudo dmesg -T...
  9. T

    NVIDIA GT620 PCI passthrough with Ubuntu Server

    Greetings Community, I am new to Proxmox and the Ubuntu/Linux environment. I am currently facing a challenge with executing the following command on Ubuntu Server 22.04.4 LTS while I try to verify my passthrough of the NVIDIA GT620. As far as I understood from this forum along with some...
  10. F

    Best way to run Android with a physical display

    Hello, I have a rather powerful Supermicro server in my home lab for both my work (multiple VMs and containers) and entertainment (jellyfin in an lxc, home assistant and such). Currently it has an Nvidia GPU installed along with its own Aspeed graphics. I'd wish to connect a physical...
  11. W

    Passthrough Hardware Transcoding - Visible but not being utilised

    Goal - Have hardware transcoding on a virtual machine using a GTX 1070 TI as the GPU. Achieved so far from following https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/PCI_Passthrough#Enable_the_IOMMU. I have gotten so far to the point now where running nvidia-smi will show me Picture 1 in the VM. I can't get this...
  12. D

    Windows VMs Constantly Crashing With VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR - Nvidia GPU Passthrough

    Hello all, My Hardware: Motherboard - Asrock Rack Rome8d-2t CPU - Epyc 7F72 RAM - 128GB 3200MHZ ECC GPU - RTX-2080 Super - passed through to Windows OS Drive - Samsung 980 Pro 500GB VM OS Drives - ZFS Mirror 2x960GB Samsung P9A3 Windows VM Game Storage - ZFS Mirror 2x1TB WD SN850 HBA Card -...
  13. R

    2 GPUs, 2 VMs not working as intended

    Hello Proxmox Forums, I am trying to pass through 2 GPUs to 2 VMs. I have gone through the process of enabling and setting up PCIe Pass through. It works for 1 VM. But when I go to start VM number 2 with the other graphics card set, I get this error kvm: -device...
  14. T

    Urgent Help vfio-pci 0000:03:00.0: can't change power state NVIDIA 4060 - X670E

    Hi My Hardware ASUS PROART X670E AMD RYZEN 7900X 12 CORE 64GB DDR5 4800MHZ RAM Bios - Latest October, 2023 RESIZABLE BAR - OFF PCI Version 4 PCI LANE BANDWITH X8 X8 for PCI 1 & PCI 2 Proxmox Proxmox 7.4.-17 (i tried 8.1 same issue and rolled back to 7.4) pve-manager/7.4-17/513c62be...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] PCI passthrough of multiple NVIDIA GPUs

    My current configueration is an AMD EPYC Server that is equipped with two NVIDIA L40 GPUs. If I install Ubuntu or Debian (newest) everything works. Both the GPUs are correctly identified and usable. Now I try since 14 days to setup Proxmox (v.8.1.3) and provide the GPUs via PCI passthrough to...
  16. S

    Hardware ID's Changing, Causing LXC's to have wrong passthrough configuration

    Hi All, I've noticed that every time I upgrade my kernel to the latest prod PVE version the ID's on my NVIDIA cards change. I have to alter the configuration file for the LXC's that use video cards manually every time after a ls /dev/nvidia* and ls /dev/dri* to match the changes. Is there a...
  17. N

    Geforce GTX M4000 issue on VM Windows 10 (error 43)

    Hi all, I got this major problem that I really want to solve :) First of Hardware used in this scenarion ProxMox: Virtual Environment 7.4-3 32 x AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3955WX 16-Cores 1x NVIDIA Quadro K2000 - for primary graphics only. - PRIMARY (set in bios) 2x NVIDIA Quadro M4000 - for...
  18. S

    NVIDIA GPU Passthrough - working then: Failed to initialize NVML: Unknown Error

    Hi all! My problem: GPU Passthrough (GTX1070) is working some minutes then proxmox disable/deactivate it! Only reboot can re-enable for short amount of time.... Using PROXMOX 8 server I'm trying to enable my NVIDIA GTX 1070 in passthrough mode to one of my VM. (followed the thread here...
  19. R

    Dual Nvidia black screen, works with one GPU

    MOBO: Aorus b550i ax Wifi CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x GPU : 2x 2080 HP OEM One with a screen(HDMI) and one with a dummy HDMI plugged on it I got inspired by a friend to set up all my server and homelab needs within a proxmox environment, and thought I'd follow his foodsteps. Most of the times when I'm...
  20. G

    Help: Trying to set up Hardware Transcode (HW) Using my Nvidia GPU in a Plex LXC Container

    Hello. I am trying to get hw-transcoding setup for my Plex container in Proxmox 8. The following is the guide I followed: Install dkms on the PVE host via apt-get install dkms Install latest pve-headers: apt install pve-headers Download and Install the proprietary NVIDIA drivers from the...


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