1. R

    Dual Nvidia black screen, works with one GPU

    MOBO: Aorus b550i ax Wifi CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x GPU : 2x 2080 HP OEM One with a screen(HDMI) and one with a dummy HDMI plugged on it I got inspired by a friend to set up all my server and homelab needs within a proxmox environment, and thought I'd follow his foodsteps. Most of the times when I'm...
  2. G

    Help: Trying to set up Hardware Transcode (HW) Using my Nvidia GPU in a Plex LXC Container

    Hello. I am trying to get hw-transcoding setup for my Plex container in Proxmox 8. The following is the guide I followed: Install dkms on the PVE host via apt-get install dkms Install latest pve-headers: apt install pve-headers Download and Install the proprietary NVIDIA drivers from the...
  3. E

    [TUTORIAL] AI Homelab: A guide into hardware to software considerations

    Hi everyone! I just release a new post detailing my journey in setting up an AI Homelab, covering everything from hardware choices to software intricacies (Proxmox, GPU Passthrough, Managing multiple env). The blog post is here ...
  4. P

    GPU (Nvidia) passthrough from host to guest on Proxmox LXC container

    context: - i am running the most recent PVE host and would like to access my 2 GPUs in the LXC container question: - is there a guide on how to do this ?
  5. C

    [SOLVED] RTX 4090 Passthrough : AMD, Proxmox and sadness

    Hi everyone, I'm losing my sanity a bit on this topic and I would like your previous help, let's begin! I passed the pcie as per the doc and installed Nvidia drivers from Nvidia, no nvidia-smi available but the driver seems there, also the gpu name doesn't appear on lspci but...
  6. K

    Proxmox vgpu for both LXC and VM

    I have recently added a Nvidia 1080 inside a single node off my proxmox server. The reason I want this, is because I am using a VM running bluestacks for a game (24/7) and it doesn't work without a GPU. So I have it now running that the VM uses my gpu. But now I want to also move my plex server...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] LXC Nvidia Passthrough

    Hi there, Proxmox 8.0.4 / Kernel 6.2.16-6-pve / Debian 12 (host and container) I had this working for a while, but it's suddenly stopped. I've got two different lxcs which use the gpu (P400). I'm noticing that both lxcs are now running into a "permission denied" error accessing the hardware...
  8. A

    The HDMI cable needs to be unplugged and plugged back in before the screen can be displayed

    Hello everyone, I have successfully pass through the RTX2080Ti to Windows11 and Archlinux according to the community post, but there is a problem with passing through to Archlinux: the monitor will not display the screen after starting Archlinux unless the HDMI cable is unplugged and plugged...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] help to enable iommu

    I have proxmox running on Asus Sabertooth x79 mobo with single Xeon E5-2697. I'm trying to setup Plex VM with Nvidia GPU in passthrough mode. For whatever reason appears IOMMU is not enabled. I triple checked the bios settings and everything related to virtualization of CPU is enabled. I updated...
  10. M

    Need help with GPU passthrough in Proxmox: NVIDIA RTX 3060 not working properly

    I've been trying for weeks to get GPU passthrough to work in a Windows 10 guest vm in Proxmox. I'm having trouble troubleshooting, or even understanding what I'm doing, since I feel like I've been following multiple guides at once and implementing any/all advice I find on forums. A few weeks...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Nvidia PCIe-Passtrough strange problem

    Hello all, I have strange problem with my Win10 VM with Nvidia GPU passtrough. First I was trying to stop the frame buffer for my only GTX1060 to be able to have only one GPU in the system but without success and after that I installed one laying aroung GT710 only to be primary (anyway I need...
  12. N

    Proper way to dump vBIOS with NVIDIA.

    Hi all. I'm folowing the guide on proxmox wiki to make a GPU passthrough with my GTX 1060 (latest vBIOS), but I've got stuked on rom-parser to identify if the card is UEFI (OVMF) compatible. If I blacklist the video card and try to use the wiki command like root: cd...
  13. R

    PCI-E option not enabled when trying Nvidia PCI-E Passthrough.

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm trying to do a PCIE passthrough on an Nvidia GT 630 graphics card. I'm pretty stuck because I've tried a lot of options by following forums and youtube videos. None work for me. The fact is that I tryied the same operation with a 3060 TI that they lent me for the...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Nvidia gpu stuck in low power

    Hello guys, Hoping someone can point me int he right direction here been banging my head against it for a few hours :) host specs: Amd Ryzen 7 5800G Asrock x570 pro4 Rtx2060 6gb in top pci-e slot 32gb ram 650w 80+gold psu This is a fresh build VM: Win 10 22h2 8cores 16gb ram RTX 2060 passed...
  15. R

    nvidia gtx-950 passthrough issue

    Hi guys, I'm trying to pass through my old nvidia gpu to debian UEFI guest. I followed this guide and card seems to be passed through (at least starting the vm doesn't produce any errors or warnings), however, after starting the VM, I see these messages in the vm console: noueveau 0000:01:00:0...
  16. J

    Troubleshooting a GPU passthrough problem

    I have installed a Quadro M6000 in my Proxmox box. I have an x399d8a-2t with a threadripper. In my windows VM I can see the card but I get this windows error "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" I get an error at the PVE log in screen [24296.376530] iommu...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] can't install NVIDIA driver, Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 5.15.74-1-pve (x86_64)

    Hello guys , when i'm trying to install NVIDIA driver by running $ dkms install -m NVIDIA -v 510.85.03 i'm getting the following error: dkms install -m nvidia -v 510.85.03 Kernel preparation unnecessary for this kernel. Skipping... Building module: cleaning build area... 'make' -j20...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Nvidia drivers for Tesla V100 PCIe 32Gb failing to load

    Hi, I'm currently battling with nvidia gpu drivers. The issue is -- even though I've successfully was able to passthrough the gpu, no nvidia drivers would work. I'm in dead end rn. Issue. VM with gpu won't load drivers during kernel boot: Nov 20 23:13:00 gputest kernel: nvidia: loading...
  19. W

    [SOLVED] Sharing Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000 to Multiple VMs in Proxmox

    Hi, I have a Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000 48GB Card. I wanted to use it with proxmox to share the same gpu in upto 4 ubuntu virtual machines using the vGPU Profiles. I installed the nvidia vGPU driver on proxmox and is working fine (nvidia-smi shows). I download the evaluation vgpu drivers from...
  20. T

    GPU passthrough windows driver error Tesla M40 Dell R710

    Hi there, I'm trying to pass a tesla m40 into a windows 10 vm on my dell r710. I've followed the official pci passthrough guide and have looked through a bunch of other threads to try and get it working, but to no avail. The gpu shows up in device manager, but it has an error symbol and the...


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