1. R

    Create LXC container - nesting default value

    When I create a LXC container I always see "nesting = true". At pve-docs I see nesting default to be 0 ("nesting = false"). Is this a case to report?
  2. S

    uid/gid allocation for nested LXD in unprivileged container

    Hi everyone, I am trying to configure Gitlab runners with custom LXD executors inside proxmox's LXC container. Basically, I want to be able to spin-up LXC containers inside Proxmox's unprivileged LXC container. I did the following: 1. Created unprivileged Ubuntu 22.04 LXC container with...
  3. J

    Failures with Keyct and Nesting activation

    I want to do some tests with Docker from a container in a version of Proxmox (Virtual Environment 6.4-15). To do this I found that within the Features I must mark Keyct and Nesting, but when trying to do so it does not let me edit. According to what I see in the documentation at...
  4. K

    Problems using distrobox/toolbox using rootless Podman in LXC container

    Hi, Thanks to a few Reddit threads, I got rootless Podman to work inside an LXC container. However, my intention was to use distrobox/toolbox, and it doesn't work. I've documented everything in detail here: ; the gist is that these tools create...
  5. X

    Windows 10 + WSL2 not booting under Proxmox VE 7.3

    I am trying to migrate my VMs from libvirt to proxmox, and ran into this issue. Set cpu type to host Add `-hypervisor` cpu flag by using custom cpu type Install fresh win10 Confirm windows task manager shows host CPU VM is working fine Install WSL2 VM no longer boots - hangs on windows splash...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Snapd, Certbot inside a Proxmox container

    I'm trying to install the Certbot snap inside a Proxmox container but having issues. Reading the forum threads, I've added the following features to the container: 'nesting=1,fuse=1' But unfortunately, this doesn't help. The relevant error messages are: Unpacking squashfs-tools...
  7. N

    Using API to set NESTING feature flag.

    I'm trying to use the API to set the NESTING feature flag when creating a container. I am using a TOKEN tied to the root user and assigned the ADMINISTRATOR role for the pool. However, that is not working. In searching the forums, I ran into this thread...
  8. J

    Quotas are not supported by unprivileged containers - could this work with the new mknod=1 option?

    I am wondering what the underlying cause is that makes quotas not work in unprivileged containers? I see with the latest proxmox that we now have nesting=1 and mknod=1 so I am wondering if quotas in unprivileged container might be possible now.
  9. G

    LXC Unprivileged enabling docker - Security risk?

    We would like to enbable nesting and keyctl for our LXC containers. Our customers demand these features so they can install and use Docker. There are (fairly old) posts suggesting this would be a security risk and we should be careful if we really want to do it as it could be possible for an...
  10. J

    installation of pve-qemu-kvm failed (nesting proxmox in proxmox)

    I know I saw few post about it and fixed few error, but still remain one at the end of the installation of proxmox 6.2 inside proxmox 6.2 - nesting is allowed and I reboot - IOMMU is enabled properly and used by other VM - my host is a Skylake the error the config of proxmox inside kvm
  11. H

    [SOLVED] LXC Features: keyctl - nesting - FUSE

    Guten Morgen, könnte man mir bitte mal erklären, was für Auswirkungen die Aktivierung der Features keyctl nesting FUSE haben? Vielen Dank
  12. A

    container features deployment limited to root

    I have recently began deployment of nested containers following an orderly upgrade to 5.3, when I noticed that only a root user may actually flag the features. What is the rationale for this limitation? What are the implications of setting these flags I'm not considering?
  13. R

    Nested Virtualization without CPU host

    I have a mixed PVE cluster; most guests are running Windows and Linux. In addition, PVE is running on an Intel MacPro where macOS is a guest. I am also running my VM with VGA passthrough on this system as a triple boot guest to macOS, Windows, and Linux. Since passthrough and macOS require...
  14. K

    Nesting containers LXC inside a CT?

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to nesting containers inside a new CT created in latest Proxmox vesion, 5.0. The point is that when I'm trying to create a new container inside a CT, throws me a list of errors. The first error line: error: Failed to run: /usr/bin/lxd forkstart test...


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